Job Interview Process

Before the Interview

There are a lot of things you should do to prepare for your job interview. The first thing is to prepare yourself. Do some research on the company, make sure you know where you are going before hand so you aren't late. Practice answering interview questions, and get a good night sleep.
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During the Interview

First things first, introduce yourself. Greet the employer with a nice hand shake. Use a good tone of voice at all times, and stay positive throughout. Use appropriate body language and gestures. Be sure you arrive a minimum of 5 minutes before the interview. Answer the interviewers questions to a extent and ask for clarification. Be 100% honest at all times.
Mistakes to avoid during a job interview - Job interview tips
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After the Interview

Say your goodbyes with a thank you. To follow up the interview, send a thank you note. This makes you look even more interested in the job. If you haven't heard from the employer when they said they would call, break the silence and give them a call but don't keep bugging them. If you didn't do your best at the interview send the employer additional information to look over.
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5 Interview questions and tips on how to answer

  • "Tell me about yourself" Don't recite your entire life story, mainly talk about what you have done to be fit for this job. Present-Past-Future formula
  • "How did you hear about the position?" Stand out and tell them your passion for the company
  • "What do you know about the company?" Research the company's about page so you know a little about them. Show you know the goals of the company, but also make it personal so you don't look like you practiced
  • "Why should we hire you?" State why you would be fit for the job, sell yourself to the employer
  • "What do you consider to be your weakness?" Think of something that you struggle with, but that you are working to improve
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Dress for the Interview


  1. Wear a suit with a skirt or pants
  2. Simple and dark colors
  3. Groom your hair
  4. Don't overdue makeup
  5. Look professional and appropriate


  1. Dress professional and appropriate
  2. Wear a nice suit
  3. Avoid loud colors and flashy ties
  4. Fresh breath
  5. Hair neat

Interview Dont's

  • Don't make excuses
  • Don't chew gum or smell like smoke
  • Don't act desperate
  • Don't falsify application materials or answers to questions