Voyages with the School Counselor

Voyager Academy Middle School Counseling Newsletter


This has been an exciting first month back here at Voyager Academy Middle School! We have many new faces around school, including a new principal, assistant principal, a few teachers, and me (the counselor!). My name is Heather Bonawitz, the new 4th grade through 8th grade school counselor. I play soccer on three coed soccer teams, love to travel, and work for an animal rescue on their non-profit board. I am very excited to be here with the students and look forward to working with all staff, students and parents this year. Please don't hesitate to drop by and introduce yourself, just as I encourage the students to do!

Does Your Student Need to See The Counselor?

I have been to all of the classrooms to introduce myself to the students and to educate them on the topics that school counselors can help with. During this time I sent out a needs assessment asking them to choose 1-5 topics that they might be interested in learning more about or ones that they feel they could use some help on. I have collected this data and will be sharing the results in the next newsletter. I will use this information to form my comprehensive counseling program, which will be carried out in classroom guidance, small groups, or individual counseling sessions. Also I have launched a new referral form from my website, If you feel your student would benefit from meeting with me please go to the above website and fill out a referral form. These forms are also available to the teachers and the students at school.