The Book Thief

A presintation for ELA

The Begining

Liesel Memingers is a 9 year old girl that lives in a time when Nazi were taking over. At her brothers funeral, Liesel see one of the boys who buried her brother(one of the grave diggers) drops a grave diggers hand book into the cold snow with out notice . Liesel decides to take the book and starts a new liking of stealing books.

The Begining (P2)

On the same day of her brothers death liesel has to say goodbye for her mother forever, and liesel is sent to her new foster family with Hans and Rosa. Liesel soon learns how to read from Hans, and becomes good friends with Hans and Rudy.

Part 2 Hitlers birthday

When the town holds a book-burning to celebrate Hitler’s birthday, Liesel steals another book from the flames. and Hans then starts to begin to notice Liesels been stealing books.

Later on Liesel delivers laundry for Hans es wife Rosa, and is then invited to the mayors house by the mayors Wife, Ilsa Hermann. Liesel then is introduced to a wall filled with books and, Frau Hermann allows her to read in the study. Meanwhile.

Part 3 Max

in Stuttgart, a German Jew named Max hides in a closet with no food, light, or water. A friend brings him false identity papers and a map hidden in, Hitler’s autobiography. Max then leaves to fallow the map to the Hubermanns’ house.

Part 3 Max (#2)

Later on we find out Hans served with Maxes father in world war one. when maxes father died, Hans swore to Maxes mother that he would always help if they needed it. When max arrives Hans and Rosa hide him in the basement. While max recovers him, and Liesel becomes friends, and Max writes her a book.

Part 4 Stealing

Later on Frau Hermann tells liesel that see does not have enough to afford sending the laundry out . liesel gets furious because her family is already struggling to survive with money.Liesel begins sneaking into the Hermanns’ library and stealing books. for chrismas liesel builds a snow man for max.

Part 5 The Air Raid

The first air raid was a false alarm but the second air raid was not. all the people went to the field basements. Liesel begins reading the book she brought to the basement out loud starting with The Whistler. Soon liesel begins to notice that her reading is comforting like Hans es accordion playing.