Independence for Singapore =?

What did independence mean for Singapore?

What does Independence mean for Singapore?

Singapore celebrated their first birthday on 9 of August 1966. When the news of Singapore were separated from Malaysia, it was shocking. Singapore quickly recovered from the news and move ahead and become an independent nation. Without Malaysia, Singapore was a widely recognised nation, both regionally and internationally.

Many people might feel shock of the news of the separation, because they thought they were going to be a nation together with Malaysia. To their disappointment, their harmony with Malaysia was soon going to be destroyed.

There were many debates between Malaysia and Singapore between the advantages for Malays while Singapore wanted it to be fair for everyone.

Three years, it took only three years and Singapore was out of Malaysia. Without Malaysia, they are on it's own. They quickly prosper into an advanced nation and recognised around the world.

Singapore has tons of things to plan after moving out of Malaysia. They had to deal with the housing problems, trading problems and many other problems they had to deal. They persevered and went through all the ordeal.

To Singapore, independence means a chance for them to prosper into a successful and advanced nation.