Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.

Los Angeles

Our first travel is Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the center of the American Culture. First, we wil visit Disneyland in this city. It's America's second popular theme park.

Johnny Depp will meet to go to Hollywood. We pose is to take a picture with Johnny Depp.LA's up-and-coming Ryu Hyeon Jin will go to the ballpark to watch. Ryu hyeon jin we went to the ballpark will receive a signed ball.

Discover Los Angeles

New York

Our second travel is New York. New York's famous Statue of Liberty is going to see. And we all will take pictures at the Statue of Liberty. Next, Go shopping on Fifth Avenue will be exciting. After that, we go to Brooklyn because of the wonderful night view is that famous.

New York Day


Our third travel is Chicago.

Millennium Park in Chicago, the first thing is to go to.

Millennium Park is the best in the world because it is a city park.

We celebrated with lunch at the pizzeria in Chicago Giordano will eat pizza.

Giordano even imagine eating pizza very happy!!

In the evening, went to the John Hancock Tower, night view is.

John Hancock Tower is very beautiful night view is that famous.

We will be happy to go there.

Chicago, Illinois Travel Guide - Must-See Attractions