Kindergarten News

September 4, 2015

Kindergarten Updates

We have jumped right back into our kindergarten routine with a very busy week.

During our Literacy Center time, we have been working with our letters. We are learning each letter’s name and sound. We have been identifying capital and lowercase letters in books, signs, and in our own writing! Practice looking for letters at home. Ask your child to name the letter and the sound. We are also beginning our handwriting practice with capital letters. Ask your child about the "frog jump capitals" and how we make them!

In Math, we played a partner match game and explored measurement by comparing lengths. We used words like longer and shorter to find a friend with the matching length of paper. We have also been creating patterns with color. Ask your child to create a pattern with colors for you!

Every morning, we count the days we’ve been in kindergarten. Can you believe it has already been 15 days?! We love every moment we get to spend with your precious child!

Scholastic Book Orders

Scholastic Book Orders are due Thursday!

You can fill out the order form in your child's yellow folder today OR order your books online using our class code: GW7MY and our class will receive a free book!

Help us earn free books for our classroom library!

Important Dates

  • September 7th- Labor Day, (school holiday)
  • September 10th- Scholastic book orders due
  • September 16th- Collaborative Planning, Dismiss at 11:40
  • September 17th- Picture Day!

Remember to always collect BOX TOPS and save them until our school collection times!

Ideas to work on at home

  • Create and listen to rhyming words.
  • Sort objects around your house.
  • Name letters and make their sound.
  • Practice writing your name with the first letter capital and the rest lowercase.