Rome V.S United States Government

∞ Halia Calvert t ∞


● Rome and the Us, both have the same Branches of government names.

● For Judicial Rome and the United States have Judges/Courts for that part of the Branch.

● For United States and Romes Executive Branch they both have Military Responses, and a leading government.

● The United States and Rome Legislative Branch is Similar because they both have a Senate and a "House" (pretty much) of people to help decide laws/ etc.

● They have different people that get to make the decisions.

● The United States Legislative branch has a House of Representatives and a Senate. Rome has Senate of 300 advised consuls and set policies/

Assemblies .

● The United states Judicial Branch has a Supreme court, Rome has Oversaw Government and province (Eight Judges)

● The United States Executive Branch has President and Vice president....Rome has led government and Military to make Decisions.

Enjoy the Similarities and Differences!

- Halia Calvert ☯ ╰☆╮

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