Welcome to Mrs. Barbour's Class

Spring 2016 Newsletter


Welcome to my class. Please be sure you read all of the information below. Please contact me with any questions.

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Welcome to Georgia Virtual School!

I will be your student's Mathematics teacher. This semester I am teaching AP Stats B, AP Stats AB, and Advanced Mathematical Decision Making B.

The information included in this newsletter will guide your student to helpful resources as well as steps to take as they begin in this course. If you are new to the online environment, I am here to help you through this transition. In the online world (much like a face-to-face school setting) success is achieved through common effort of student, teacher and parent. As you encounter questions starting and working through the course, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am here and available for each of you.

Please scroll down and work through the steps that follow to start your course on time.

Victoria Barbour Fall 2014
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When logged in to GAVS, you can access your email using the icon shown below. Click here to watch a tutorial on how to access this email. Check email daily.

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First things first.... Student Orientation Course (SOC)

When completing the Student Orientation Course, it is important to complete topics in order and complete allitems on the checklist.

The following items are required for the completion of the Student Orientation Course (SOC):

  • students complete all sign off
  • students complete all agreement quizzes
  • students make a 100% on the final Student Orientation Quiz.


  • Students may choose to opt out of the Student Orientation Course*; however, students who elect to opt out of the Student Orientation Course are still responsible for all content presented in the course.

*Only those students who have taken the SOC previously are able to "opt out"

Students must finish or opt out of the SOC before gaining access to the course.

Following successful completion of the SOC, the date on which students will gain access to the course is dependent upon which schedule was selected at the time of registration.

**NOTE: AP courses do not offer a 12 week schedule option**

Regardless of the start date, the course ends May 6, 2016. Student work is due bi-weekly on Thursdays at midnight. Check course schedules for specific due dates. Work turned in after the deadline on the course schedule will be accepted within 3 school days with a late penalty assessed. Late penalty begins on Friday and is deducted at a rate of 10% of the assignment value per school day. Work submitted on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is considered 1 day late.

I finished my SOC: May I access the course early? In some cases, YES!

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D2L Help Sessions for Students and Parents:

Georgia Virtual School will have Brightspace Help Sessions for students and parents on Adobe Connect on the following dates:

Tuesday, January 5 @ 7:00pm

Thursday, January 14 @ 11:00am

Tuesday, Jan. 19 @ 7pm

Thursday, Jan. 28 @ 11am

Tuesday, Feb. 2 @ 7pm

Tuesday, Feb. 16 @ 7pm

You will join by entering the meeting as a Guest. Your username is your first and last name. Here is the link to join each Brightspace Help Session:

Adobe Brightspace Help Classroom

The space for each session is limited. We ask everyone to join the session using only ONE computer at your home. If the session is full, the recording will be posted within the learning management system and you will have an opportunity to review the recording OR attend another upcoming meeting. The schoolwide D2L meetings are separate from individual Welcome sessions held by each teacher. Please plan to attend the meeting with your teacher as well. Your teacher will notify you about the date of that meeting.

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...once you are in the course ...

Print Your Course Schedule & Work in Order

As soon as you have entered the course, read the Bulletin Board and print your (18, 16, 14 or 12 week) schedule on the Course Homepage (see the Course Info Widget). Read through the schedule to see what is due each two week period by the Assignment Due Date. Work the schedule in order.

Please watch these two short tutorials to help you navigate the course. Click and watch as many times as necessary.

Mrs. Barbour's Course Navigation Video

This is a video explaining how to navigate our course. Please watch this before beginning your coursework. Extra Brightspace help sessions will also be available. That schedule is posted below this video.
Before You Begin Video - Fall 2015


The video below will explain how to read and interpret your course schedule. Be sure that you read ahead on the schedule in order to know what is coming. All items are due as they appear on the schedule.
Fall 2015 Schedules
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How much time should I plan to spend on my course?

You are expected to login and participate in your online course on a DAILY basis.

Fall/Spring semester: Plan to spend at least 60 to 90 minutes per weekday (5 to 8 hours per week) for a half unit course or 90 to 120 minutes per weekday (7 to 10 hours per week) for a 1 unit (AB or block) course.

The estimates above are per course, so if you are taking more than one course, please plan accordingly.

Please note: You may not be logged in to the course the entire time, but you need to plan on your work taking that much time. You may be able to complete some of your work offline, but you do need access to your computer and the internet every day Monday through Friday. Allow more time if you are not comfortable using a computer.

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Technical difficulties are not an excuse for assignments to be late. Students must have computer access to complete GaVS work. It is the student’s responsibility to secure backup computer options when technical difficulties arise. Many public libraries offer computers with internet access. Additionally, GaVS courses can be accessed on a variety of mobile devices so it may be that a mobile device could be used to complete some coursework when there are computer problems.

If a student is suspended from the local school, GaVS course access remains open. Unless a student is directed otherwise by the local school, he or she may continue working in the GaVS course while suspended at the local school. Note that under no circumstance is a school suspension grounds for an extension under the GaVS late policy.

Fall and Spring Semester:

Please be aware of the pacing guide and due dates for all assignments. Extensions past the last day of school will NOT be granted. Student work is due bi-weekly on THURSDAYS at midnight (11:59 pm) EST. Check course schedules for specific due dates. Work turned in after the deadline on the course schedule will be accepted within 3 school days following due date with a late penalty assessed. Late penalty begins on Friday and is deducted at a rate of 10% of the assignment value per school day. Work submitted on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is considered 1 day late.

At the end of the semester, all class work must be submitted prior to the time period the final exam is available. Thus, if final exams begin Wednesday of the last week of school, all other assignments which can still be accepted based on course schedule due dates, except the final exam, must be submitted by Tuesday of the last week of school.

Fall & Spring late work policy example: David turns in an assignment at 3:15 pm on Sunday. He scores a 7 out of 15 on the assignment. David will lose 1.5 points on this assignment (15 * .10) and the score recorded in the grade book is 5.5/15. A note should be made in the grade book detailing the late work deduction.

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Parents Can View Grades ~ Follow These Directions

The Parent Account gives you information about your child’s grades and progress in their course. If your child’s grade drops below a 75, you will receive an automated phone call. If your child’s grade drops below a 70, you will receive a phone call from me.

If you already have a parent account please do NOT create a new one.

1) Please check to see that your parent account is linked to your student’s account.

2) For more information click Help on the Log in page or click the following link: Parent Account Information Link

If you are uncertain about whether you have a parent account or not,

1) Log in to GAVS at www.gavirtualschool.org and at the Log In page type in your username and password.

2) For more information click Help at the top of the Log In page or click the following link:Parent Info from Helpdesk

*Information for parents who have NEVER created a parent account.

1) Login to our website www.gavirtualschool.org

2) Click the “Log In To GAVS” icon

3) Click “Create An Account” from the navigation bar.

4) You will need to know your child’s GTID and date of birth.

5) Please follow the directions on the screen.

6) Be sure you have linked your parent account to your student’s account.

7) For more information simply click HELP at the top of the Log In page or click the following link: Parent Information Link

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Sometimes students submit a file that the teacher is not able to open. When that occurs, the teacher will leave feedback notifying the student, and a zero will be entered into the gradebook. The student then has up to five school days Fall and Spring semesters (up to two school days Summer semester) to submit a readable version of the file without penalty. Students are expected to submit all subsequent assignments in a properly formatted file type. Five school days Fall and Spring (two school days Summer semester) after the teacher has notified the student of the file issue, the standard late policies apply.

An Incorrect file type not resubmitted in 5 days will earn a 0

Look for a "1" in the dropbox. This shows that I have received and evaluated your assignment, but that there is an issue. If an assignment is not resubmitted within 5 school days, the assignment will earn a 0.

Naming & Saving Your Files

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Submitting Work Correctly

Check out this document that explains all the ways you can be sure your work was submitted correctly.


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Student Code of Conduct ~ Plagiarism Policies

Unless your teacher expressly states otherwise, all work must be original and entirely the student's own work without any outside help which includes other students, parents, textbooks, internet or any other outside source. Assignments that require documentation and/or references must adhere to guidelines presented by the teacher. When in doubt, clarify with your teacher before beginning an assignment or submitting it.

Student Code of Conduct Policy

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Special Accommodations

If you are a special education student and would like GaVS to consider making accommodations for you, please fax a copy of your IEP or 504 Plan to 770-357-3704. If you do not have a copy, please contact your facilitator.

* Please note that GaVS teachers cannot make accommodations without a copy of the plan on file.

* A copy of the plan must be submitted EACH semester.

Where Can I Go To Find answers to other questions?

1. Start with the GaVS Knowledgebase, a searchable database of tutorials on the most common questions:

Click here to use the GAVS Helpdesk/Knowledgebase!

2. Look within the news announcements (in the Course) or other communication from me.

3. Familiarize yourself with the Student Handbook: Click here to access the Student Handbook.

4. Feel free to contact me directly via phone or email.

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Very Important...Please read thoroughly

Emailing Me - A Few Tips

Be sure that you have followed the directions for Google Mail, located on the GaVS Homepage. This will ensure that you receive all of my emails and updates. Our main communication will be email using Georgia Virtual's email accounts.


Be sure that you email me from your GAVS address.

Students & Parents,

Please include your full name (parent & student) AND the course of enrollment, as well as a good contact number. This is small detail, but a very important one! This is the best way to ensure speedy answers and communication. Be as specific with questions/concerns.


Example Signature:

Parent Smith

AP Statistics A (or your course)

Student Smith

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Add Your Signature to your email

Remember, I am teaching multiple courses. So, to help me be more efficient with responding to you in a timely manner, please be sure to add an email signature.
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Email Etiquette
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School Break Policy

Students should stay on the GaVS schedule that they choose upon entering their course. Even if the local school breaks do not coincide with the GaVS break, students must meet the assignment due dates. Students should communicate their school breaks with their teacher as soon as possible and if necessary discuss with their instructor how to get ahead.

For the Spring 2016 Semester, GaVS observes the following breaks:
April 4 - 8th: Spring Break

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Weekly Synchronous Sessions

Each week, I will hold a synchronous session. These are not mandatory, but a time for you to log in and ask questions to me in a "live" setting. I will be available for one hour per week in my virtual classroom.

I will, from time to time, host a specific session that includes a lesson. The recorded sessions will be posted in the user links section of the course. The link to the session is located in your Course Information widget on the course homepage.

You are encouraged to attend all sessions, but not required to do so.

Are you Connected??

Tweet Tweet Tweet...Do you tweet???

It is my goal to utilize Twitter in our classroom this semester. If you do not yet have an account, please create one and follow me:


We will tweet our classroom information with the hashtag #BarbourMathShack

To post a Tweet via the web:

  1. Sign in to your Twitter account.
  2. Type your Tweet into the box on the left side of your screen, or click the compose new Tweet button in the top navigation bar.
  3. Make sure your update is fewer than 140 characters. We'll count the characters for you! Remaining characters show up as a number below the box.
  4. Click the Tweet button to post the Tweet to your profile.
  5. You will immediately see your Tweet in the timeline on your homepage.

The following links can help you understand Twitter:

Using Hashtags

Creating an Account

Twitter FAQs

Contact Me: Mrs. Victoria Barbour

If you need me, please feel free to email or call. I am usually able to answer emails quicker than I am able to return phone calls, but please feel free to do either.

*Remember: Leave a detailed message if you expect a return call.

Emergency Situations

Keep my phone number & email address in a place that is easy to reach. If you have a special circumstance, please let me know. Here are some situations that might merit an immediate contact:

* Medical situation (hospitalization, extreme sickness, injury): Contact me BEFORE a due date if you have been too sick to complete work. Please note that a note from the doctor may be required to authorize any extensions for sickness.

* Technology emergency: Please notify me BEFORE a due date if you experience a technology issue. If you lose power, get kicked out of a test, have a computer crash, or other extreme situation, please let me know immediately. We understand that these things happen, but also expect students to have a back-up plan for technology issues. Plan to use a computer at school, the library, a friend or family member's computer, etc.

* General Assignment/Course Questions: These are best answered by email, but feel free to call me as well.