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A Greenland House

this is a Greenland house,it is made for the climate.

Greenland's travel

greenland does not have any roads connecting city's.They either walk or take a boat.They could also take an airplane.

Greenland's land

85% of greenland is covered in ice.Everyone lives on the coast.The climate is arctic.Greenland has about 12 million seals in its waters.Greenland is the largest island,at about is three times the size of Texas.The size is about 2,166,086 sq. km. .Some of the natural resources are coal,iron ore,lead,zinc,diamands,gold,platinum,fish,seals and hydropower.Some environmental issues are acid rain,aerosol,afforeststoin,asbestos,biodiverdiversity,bio-indicaters,Biomass,carbon cycle,Catchments and lots lots more.the continent Greenland is located on is North America.The official name of Greenland is (it's in Greenlantic) Kalaallit Nunaat.

Greenland's agricultural products

here are some of Greenland's agricultural products forage crops,garden and greenhouse vegies; sheep,reindeer and fish.

Greenland compared to Brazil

Greenland has a Artic climate,Brazil has a tropical climate. Greenland has one export Brazil has many.

Greenland's people

Greenland has about 57,000 people in it.Most people are an evangelical lutheran there.Nuuk is the capital city. males normally live to about 68.Females normally live to about 74.There are many complex nick names in Greenlantic for many members the family,the nick names can indicate both gender and age of the person being addressed as well as that of the person using the nick name.The money they use is Kroner.Some big cities are Nuuk,Sisimiut and Llulissat and much more.The only national holiday is the 21 of June.The head of state is Marhgrethe ll,Queen of Denmark.The type of government is prime minster.

Greenland's Map

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Pictures of all of the Kroner (currency) Greenland uses

This is Greenland's flag

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Greenland's national anthem

GEERG Greenland Shark 2004