Solar Energy

By: James, Jackson, and Zoey

Who will install the solar panels? How will the school maintain the plan?

It depends, if you are trained or well known in installing solar panels on a building, you could easily do it without no help from others. But if you are not good at installing solar panels, you are reccomended to hire an electrician to install it for you. You can also hire a consultant to run it for you. To keep up with your plan, you can hire an electrician or a consultant to maybe check it monthly, to make sure it will not break and so you do not have to replace it later on.

Will the school need to get approval from any professional before installing the solar panels?

We might want to contact a local planning authority to make sure that you have the right materials and planning to install and keep up with the solar panels so it might be a good idea to contact some professionals.

What is the main plan of using solar energy?

The plan is to make electricity free by putting solar panels.

Why is solar energy going to be beneficial to the school in the long run?

Solar energy is a renewable resource, which means it could benefit the earth by not polluting the ocean or other valuable resources of our earth. It could also benefit us in the long run for helping contain our global warning issue and save many animals & plant life. It could also save us money soon, since fossil fuels will become more expensive as it comes, since fossil fuels is a nonrenewable resource.

What are the pros & cons of solar energy?


  • Could save us money.
  • Can benefit the earth and it's resources and cause pollution.
  • Has many power remote areas
  • Is a renewable & sustainable resource
  • Can be installed on rooftops
  • Is easy to maintain
  • Is very quiet and steady


  • Solar cells effectiveness
  • Need a large area for setup
  • Expensive storage

Will it be worth putting solar energy in our school?

Since there are more pros about solar energy then cons, i think it would definitely be worth putting up since it could benefit the earth, and save you money. Its a win win! It will be worth putting up for sure.

How will we raise money to carry on our plan?

To raise enough money to continue our plan of putting solar panels in the school, we can create an item that is easy to make with our school supplies, and sell it to relatives and other members (children, teachers & staff) of coppell middle school west.

Facts about Solar Panels, details, etc.

Solar energy does not pollute the Earth.

We will buy the panels with the government who will pay for the school and if they don't do that then we can use PTO money. The place where we can get the solar panels from is this place called Solar City.

There are 5 steps in installing the solar panels-

1. They will talk to you about the insulation.

2. Sign agreement.

3. Design.

4. Installation in 1 day.

5. Turn on the power.


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You can see from each graph, that solar panels will eventually get to the point where it is cheaper than electricity and more beneficial.
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