CapInTouch Opportunity Management



We are pleased to announce that the new Opportunity Management module on CapInTouch has gone live in Continental Europe!

The new tool is easy to use, gives a view on all opportunities currently in the pipeline at any time, is accessible anywhere CapInTouch is accessible, and provides data instantly!

This new tool will replace billing templates and Excel files as our new user friendly opportunity management system for any opportunities up to 60%. For projects at 80% and 100% the module allows you to upload and store billing templates. Any uploaded billing templates will automatically be sent to the Operations team for approval and processing so no need to send a second email! Any lost opportunities can also be easily closed out.

This tool have been live in the US and UK since early October. In North America CDM has now even been switched off due to the resounding success of this new tool!


  1. Simple- Data fields have been simplified to make entering new opportunities easy and intuitive. Data quality is ensured since opportunities are still approved by operations.
  2. Fast- No more need to send emails to your operations teams or to the PLM team in India. Any new entries or changes can be made directly in the module.
  3. Transparent- You can instantly view the pipeline for your location or domain in user friendly graphs or Excel exports
  4. Fully integrated- New opportunities are automatically sent to the Peoplesoft team for creation. This module will also work with the new resource management tool due to go live in 2014. You will soon be able to easily tag resources to opportunities!
  5. Accessible- The tool can be accessed anywhere CiT can be accessed. You can obtain the latest version of billing templates and proposals for sold projects with the click of a button.


Going forward, please enter all new opportunities directly in CapInTouch. Changes to any current billing tempates should be submitted using the existing project in CapInTouch. Please keep in mind that these changes will still be verified by your usual Operations Team contact.

You can find a training manual in CapInTouch under Resourcing->Opportunities->Training Manuals that provides more detailed information. If you have any remaining questions or comments please don't hesitate to let us know!