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I can't believe how quickly summer flew by. During 683, we traveled around the world, learning about cultural and culinary traditions on every continent. I hope that some of you got to experience those countries first hand during your time off, and that you return feeling rested and relaxed.

I wanted to share some basic information prior to orientation. It is attached here.

A reminder, all staff should report to the Ellery site at 8 am on Tuesday, September 5th.

Enjoy your holiday weekend. Looking forward to seeing all of you on Tuesday.


As many of you are aware, our organization is officially under construction. Gotham is closed for the year, and relocated to a new site, McKinney. The main site will have an elevator installed and additional accessibility upgrades. What does this mean? That our available work space has been drastically reduced, and many people have had to move offices or sites. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding as we partner with the School Construction Authority to make our organization more modern and inviting for staff and students. We might have to ask for additional changes due to unforseen issues with construction.

We have also made some changes to the structure of our cohorts, as you will see in the attached org chart. Service Learning is now Freshman/Sophomore, and based upon staff surveys, has increased access to learning labs. We have also made some personnel changes within each group. We ask again for your flexibility and understanding as we implement this stakeholder feedback.

Orientation Agendas

Big picture
Big picture

Organization Sheets

There have been some changes. We understand some of you may have questions or concerns. Please plan to speak with us about this after both the weekend and orientation.

By site:

Class Lists

We will distribute class lists on Tuesday afternoon.

Need to know basics

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