The Northen Snake Head Fish

By Ella Hulme

Hello! I am here to prove to you that the northern snakehead fish is the invasive species that you want to give the $1,000,000 to so we can try to eradicate or to control them. We would have to move fast because according to Fishing Column: Beware of the northern snakehead a single female can lay five times a year laying 75,000 eggs in one broad.

Basic Facts

  • It's originally from China, Asia, Russia, Korea and Africa
  • It's tan with dark brown blotches on it's sides and saddle like markings on it's back
  • It arrived with somebody ordered two to make a traditional soup for his ill sister. When they got there, his sister was better so he released them to a local pond. Opps.
  • It colonized in the Potac River and then individuals have spread over the country
  • It thrives in moisture and can slither across land for up to four days


The damage this species has done is it preys on small animals. For example, it preys on fish, insects and frogs. Therefore, it effects the food chain. Also, with it's torpedo like body and razor sharp teeth, it is hard to catch and even on land can live and slither for up to four days. "So, basically, they're huge walking carnivorous fish that can live

outside of water, have no predators, posses a remarkable reproductive rate. Incredibly cool in an evolutionary sense, but at the same time: Houston, we have a problem." says Melissa Breyer who wrote "Predator fish that walks and breaths is on the loose in Central Park".

Extent of Damage?

I know the question that is bubbling in your mind. Is it likely to get worse? The answer, unfortunately is yes. They can slither on land for up to four days. The reproductive rate is five times per year, 10,000 eggs per broad. Oh and there very protective of their eggs.

'Frankenfish' Terrorises Waterways of New York

Can anything be done to control this species?

There have been no real solutions but there have been suggestions. Some people say we have to catch 'em and eat 'em. They say it would be perfect because it would not cost much and it would nearly get rid of them.

Anything Else?

Your kids and puppies are probably safe.

As you can see...

There are lots of examples of why you should spend the $1,000,000 on the northern snakehead fish. But if we don't hurry now, this could become a major problem in the future.

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