We Are All Made Of Molecules

Someday your friends will be working for my friends

"I don't think it's gross. I think it's kind of beautiful. Everything and everyone is interconnected."

A realistic fiction novel by Susin Nielsen

We think that its not cool to be smart. We think that we shouldn't be smart because our friends aren't or they don't want us to be. But being smart is now the new cool. It will get you into a good college and a better job. If you get into a better school then there is a good chance your job will be higher paying. Even if you are popular and don't want to have anything to do with the smart "nerds" then read the quote. The quote means that everyone is connected somehow. Even if you are popular and smart you are connected. Even if you are popular, you can be smart have have good grades. This is how life will end up if you don't take care of your grades: then the people you teased in high school could possibly become your boss someday.

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