Summer Time! #MichED Chat 5/18/16

Learning, Growing and Rejuvenation

Join moderator Rachelle Wynkoop (@RMWynkoop) as we share summer learning.

#MichED Norms:

  • Use a Twitter app that allows you to follow multiple streams. I prefer TweetDeck and create columns for my home stream, the #MichED hashtag, notifications and messages.
  • Follow the moderator (could also be a useful column for Twitter app during chat)
  • Questions are tweeted out in "Q" and "A" format. Moderator will tweet "Q" followed by number and the question. Respond wit "A" and corresponding number before your Tweet response. Don't forget to include the #MichED hashtag.
  • Side bar conversations are encouraged! The chat is archived for review. You won't miss a thing and will build your PLN.
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Summertime

Wednesday, May 18th, 8-9pm

This is an online event.


Q1: What is the most unique or memorable summer PD you have experienced? #MichED

Q2: What is your plan for learning and growing over the summer? #MichED

  • Is your plan for personal growth, education related or both?

Q3: Is there a favorite summer conference or PD you want to plug? #MichED

Q4: Besides conferences, what are other ways to engage in learning over the summer? #MichED

Q5: In addition to learning, how will you rejuvenate this summer? #MichED

Q6: If you could plan summer PD, what would it be? Topic, local, delivery, etc. #MichED