Reconstruction Poster

Pierce Froberg - 7th Period - History

Why did Texans hate Reconstruction?

The Texans still wanted slaves because it profited for them, and the 15th Amendment cut their economy way down, so they wanted their slaves back.

Why did Texans hate Carpetbaggers?

They were Northerners who came into to South who gained profit from exploits of beliefs. The Texans disagreed because they still wanted slaves to work and were still partnered with the Democratic party.
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Redeemers or Democrats?

Personally, I would want to be on the redeemers side. The Redeemers limited the size of state government and cut back on political participation by African Americans. They also supported segregation. They attempted to redeem the South back to the way they originally were, that is what I like about them.
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Above is a photo of a cannon from Richmond, Virginia.