47th Annual Food Festival

ZellnerVille,North Carolina

Better Hurry Up BeFore It Ends It Starts July 1st AND End July 5th

Come on down to zellneville N.C. to our annual Food Festival.HERE OUR FOOD IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! . Our Food is freshly Made from the farms.Its Got Nutrias And Vitamins.There will be Entertainment, Shelter, And Bathrooms


We are so happy to let your kids enjoy crafting. We Will be having crafts like pics for kids to draw,sowing,designing your own earrings and more. You will love it.It will make your kids learn.It is also fun.

Delicious Food

The Food At The festival will be Juicy Very Juicy. Farmers from country are coming!!!!!!! .It Will be so good you'll want to stay.The Food Will Be Great And Amazing.It will be the best festival ever.


There will be a Bathroom,and shelter Ingrid I will call the ER Real Quite. I will Make Sure The rides are safe For Kid to ride. I will make sure there will be a parking area. If It Rain we Will Have Shelter. I will lead you to the bathroom and there will be other people and signs that will lead you to the bathroom and shelter.

Emergency people

There will be police man a robbery. there will be fireman for a fire Emergency. There will be ER people. There will be police men at each corner. There will be doctors at the festival. Feel safe there will be security cameras everywhere.


The rides will be tested.To make sure they are safe.There will be a lot of rides.There will be family rides. 12 tickets will cost $4 dollars.All of the rides will cost 2 tickets .


The food is freshly made from the farm.That means it is fresh and it is full with nutrients. you can feed the animals and pet them. You can ride the horses.The animals won't hurt you.

Food Samples

There will be lots different foods . There will be food samples for you to try.The food samples will be free.They will be so good .You might want to by them .


The music will be awesome and great. There will be a dancing area. You can dance and sing along to the music.You can Bring a chair to sit down and listen to music.Or to watch the magic show.