ISST/TECH Quick Updates

September 2019

Quick Updates

  • Interim Assessments: We are working with ODE to have Interim Assessments activated for your use. ODE gave us a timeline for last September. We will email teachers when they are ready.
  • Student Passwords: Login is / Password #first4lettersoffirstname2020 example: #davi2020 If they need to be reset, your Tech Cadre member can assist.
  • Teacher Messaging System: All teacher logins are active and classes have been loaded for all school. Mari-Linn should be active on September 5. Login is the same as your morning login to your computer. Remember if you download the BbcommHQ App on your phone you can have all your student and parent contact information on your phone. You can also access this on your desktop or on a Chromebook.
  • Discovery Streaming: We are running reports to check use of Discovery Streaming last year. Buildings utilizing this software will be renewed and activated. Login information will be sent when buildings are live.


  • GoMath: Goal is to have classes built by Friday.
  • Great Body Shop: Teacher logins are ready to go. Login: first.last Password: SchoolBody19. All teachers received an email last Friday with this information. First set of materials are scheduled to be here by end of this week. You can also login and project your materials to begin instruction as covered in the training last week.


  • HRW Math: Goal is to have classes built by Friday
  • Health: The Building Character and Preventing Bully book in en route.

Teacher Chromebooks

The Tech Department has had several requests for teacher chromebooks. We hope to ensure every teacher has an avenue to project during instruction. Either through and iPad, Chromebook or doc-camera. We are trying to ensure each cart has 1-2 extra to enable the teacher to have access as well. These devices are checked out to your room, so you are welcome to use them to meet your needs.

We have a limited amount of teacher chromebooks, click the link below to apply.

Student Chromebooks 1 to 1

We will be continuing to shuffling Chromebooks across the district to meet classroom enrollment needs. Although have availability to be one-to-one, we have placed extra devices in middle school carts to accommodate larger classes. We are in process of purchasing more for the district.

Tech Cadre

Remember you have access to a Tech Cadre member to support troubleshooting technology in your classroom.

They can assist you with; Passwords, Blackboard (Teacher Messaging), software issues and integrating technology into student learning.

SUB: Nicole Britton

ML: Chris Schlievert

SIS/SMS: Mike Mannix

SHS: Kelly Fields

SES: Matt Kessler (DO)

Great Body Shop K-5