Bruce Michael Alberts.

A Biology Project.


Bruce Michael Alberts was born April 4, 1938. His death date is not applicable, as he is currently alive at the age of 77.

Major Field of Study.

Bruce M. Alberts went to Harvard University and his Major Field of Study was Pre-medicine Major. Bruce helped contribute to society by creating a column for the purification of proteins that bound to DNA. He was working with Richard H. Epstein on DNA replication. They were studying 7 different proteins for T4 DNA.

Early Life.

Bruce M. Alberts was born in Chicago, Illinois. In 1956 he enrolled in Harvard and took undergraduate courses in biochemical science. He earned a doctor's degree in 1965. His interest in science began when he dissected his television to find out how it worked. It was for a school project that required students to discover how an invention worked. Bruce considers it a fantastic way for children to get involved in science.

His field of study.

Biochemistry is the study of chemicals and how they relate to living organisms. They control information flow by biochemical signaling through metabolism. This field of study is so successful, many other fields are also involved in biochemistry too. The study of biochemistry has explained almost every living function. The main focus of biochemistry is to now study cell processes.


Bruce has earned the following awards:

-National Medal of Science. (2014)

-Centennial Medal. (Harvard University, 2014)

-Vannevar Bush Award.(2010)


A passion Bruce has been in promoting the teaching of science in elementary schools. He contributed to the development of Nation Science Education. He also issued Teaching About Evolution and the Nature of Science.


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