Elementary Principals Monday Memo

May 9th 2016

Reminder from last week: June 9th Principal Meeting @ 1:00

As we have the past few June's, we will have an Elementary Principal Meeting to share the back to school PD modules. A short one will be focused on Number Talks and the other one will be shared during our May Principal meeting. I think you are really going to like what we have in mind for the modules next year!

TLC's 2016-17

As we begin winding down this year and thinking about next year, I want us to continue working toward transitioning our TLC's from time spent in PLT's to time spent in coaching cycles. This past year, the expectation was that TLC's should not spend more than 50% of their time in PLT's. While I think we did a better job of this then the prior year, I think we still have some room to grow and to get that 50% down to about 25% so that we can increase time committed to coaching cycles. I will talk a little bit more about this at our meeting next week.

STEM Design Challenges

I am hearing from many buildings and classrooms as they go about implementing the STEM design challenges. While this may look a little different in all of our buildings, I am just super pleased that we have so many people giving this a shot. While it is certainly not easy work here at the end of the year, I think the end result will be very rewarding and engaging for our kids! Please be sure to take plenty of pictures as it would be nice at some point to send them to Jan Lewis as a thank you to the Education Foundation for providing this support.

Upcoming Dates

May11th - Elementary Principal meeting @ 1:00 (lunch provided, even for my Vegans!)