Mrs. Davis Halloween Party

October 31, 2013 1:45-2:30pm

October 31, 2013

Join us if you dare
for a Halloween scare…
We’re calling all goblins,
ghosts and creatures of the night!!!
So creep, float, or crawl on over
to our halloween costume party!
The undertaking will begin
promptly at 1:45p.m.
on October 31st
in the magical realm of
Mrs. Davis' Kindergarten Class
Crestview Elementary
You’d be ghoulish
to miss this party!

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Will the children be sent to school in costume?

Yes, please send your child to school in costume. If they require face painting please apply before school and plan to be on hand to provide touch up if required.

Are masks allowed?

Yes, please speak to Mrs. Davis about this. Originally it was stated that the students could wear masks during parade and party. However, there is not going to be traditional parade. The students will walk past enrichment rooms and past main office on way to recess. Masks could hinder vision on playground and be a hazard. During the party there will be crafts that the students are going to participate in that a mask could get in the way os student seeing.

Ultimately, Mrs. Davis said the students are permitted to wear masks -use your judgement. All masks and any other accessories (wings, brooms, wands etc.) will remain in backpacks until "parade", recess, party.

If I can not make it to party, will someone be able to help my child with costume?

Please send your child to school wearing all of costume including make-up, accessories can put on at beginning of party - by your child. As of this time, parents will NOT be allowed at the school during this "parade" and recess time, no help would be available from another parent.

Please talk to Mrs. Davis about this if you have further questions.