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all about me

My name is Francesca Klosener and I attended Delta Woods Middle School. I am 13 years old and love all things fashion related! I'm in 8th grade and take a fashion 101 class which is so much fun! I learned how to machine sew and how to use a needle and thread to sew. I also learned a lot about fashion history, interior design and much others, which is what I'll be talking about here on my blog!

throwback into fashion

1950s introduced a new look of rock and roll "greaser" type look for all things related to rock! Elvis Presley really took that look far wearing leather jackets and greased up hair! The girls wore poodle skirts and completed the look with cat eye glasses.

interior design

For interior design I learned about color swatches and how certain colors made you feel. For example, red could either make you have a love mood or a angry mood. Also how having certain things in your room make it feel different. For example, adding curtains make your room feel taller.

sketching and design

With sketching and design you create things that represent you! Put your own spin on what ever you think would be a cool look! I drew clothing on paper people in fashion class to represent a outfit that had my personal spin on things!

advertising and marketing

When ever you want to sell something you want to make it appealing by adding popping colors and things to make it stand out like fonts and pictures. Also adding an endorsement helps make your product sell.

sewing construction

In fashion we learned how to machine sew pillows, scarfs, and anything really! We also learned how to hand sew buttons on things and fix up ripped clothing! Another thing we learned was how to tie a knot on your needle and thread and how to thread a sewing machine.