Job & Odysseus


The Book of Job

In the Book of Job, Job is tested by God. He is put through many trials and is tortured to show his loyalty and his strength. Satan wants to test Job's loyalty to God and takes everything that he has away and gives him a horrible debilitating condition. Job never gave up on his God, he kept fighting and kept going even when he could not move any longer.


Odysseus shows a lot of strength, physical strength, mental, and emotional strength. He is on a journey to get home from the battle of Troy is faced with many obstacles and forces that are trying to stop him. He has amazing strength and determination to get through these trials and keeps going no matter what. When Odysseus is held captive on the island with Calypso, he shows fear, and is scared that he might not ever make it home. Once he is released he is faced with death on the seas and on land and continues no matter to cost.