Brown City High School

Staff Professional Development--June 10, 2015 (8 am-3 pm)

Staff Meeting

8:00-8:20 in High School Computer Lab

  • 2014-2015 School year debrief

Technology Lesson Ideas and Demonstrations

8:20-9:00 in High School Computer Lab

  • Discuss introduce NearPod:
  • Discuss and demonstration of SmartExchange Figurative Language ELA lesson:
  • Create NearPod and SmartExchange accounts if needed
  • Quick Sample NearPod and SmartExchange Lessons
  • Introduce ShowMe App

SAT Presentation

9:00-10:15 in High School Computer Lab

  • Intro to SAT transition
  • SAT Slideshow presentation for "Redesigned SAT"
  • SAT Writing Common Writing Prompt
  • Fall PSAT tests (grades 8-11)
  • SAT & Khan Academy for student paced support
  • Discussion of necessary changes to test prep strategies and possible changes for fall

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Break-- 10:15-10:30

Websites, Online Assessments, Chirp, and Inantimate Alice

10:30-11:30 in High School Computer Lab

  • Review classroom websites
  1. How do we currently use them?
  2. What resources can students and parents get from them?
  3. Do they enhance my classroom and student learning?
  4. How often is mine updated?
  5. How can I use the website more effectively next year?

  • Google Forms
  1. Intro to how Google Forms are created
  2. How to use Chirp or the class website to share your Google Form (test/quiz).
  3. Using Flubaroo to grade Google Forms

  • Inantimate Alice--Hypertext ELA Unit
  2. Episode 1
  3. Cross Curricular Ideas???

Lunch 11:30-12:15

Cross Curricular Planning for 2015-2016

12:15-1:00 in High School Library

  • All staff except Lesley/Cindy (meet with Erika about Science kits for next year) and TJ/Lori (work on STARS curriculum)
  • All other staff report to library and bring pacing guides/scope & sequence for your classes.

  1. General discussion about current cross curricular planning already taking place
  2. Break out Groups (HS/JH) and discuss possible areas to incorporate more cross curricular ideas/lessons for 2015-2016 school year. Turn in a list of ideas to Neil (that we will revisit in the fall).

Final Evaluation, Tech Task, Life Insurance Meeting

  • Life Insurance meeting for anyone interested at 1:00

  • Tech Task in High School Computer Lab 1:00-2:15
  • Complete one of the following and email or show Neil.
  1. Update parts of your class website
  2. Create a Google Form that can be used in class next year (possibly practice with Flubaroo to grade it)
  3. Create a ShowMe lesson that could be shown to the class or posted on class website as a form of Flipped instruction
  4. Download NearPod lessons or SmartExchange lessons that you can use next year


These will be done alphabetically in Barry's office. We would like no more than 2-3 people up in Barry's office at a time. Once evaluation is completed you may return to completing your tech task.

MOESCS Training

2:15-3:00 in the High School Computer Lab

  • Enter DPPD, you will need to bring your login