Harry Houdini

by Fena Iseke


Harry Houdini is the most famous magician of the 20th century.

Erik Weiss found his passion for magic with nine and started his career with seventeen. With 15 he started calling himself Harry Houdini.

When he was 18 he married Beatrice Raymond and they joined by 1895 the Welsh brother circus.

His career as a famous escape magician began with his trick the "Metamorphosis"

In 1901 he made his first movie and in 1910 he was the first person flying over Australia.


With his magic tricks, which nobody could really explain how they worked, his flight over Australia and also his political engorgement he had an big impact on the american society.

Many person saw an hero in him, because he did "impossible" things.



The Life And Times Of Harry Houdini

Questions to the video

  1. What was Harry Houdini's real name ?
  2. What trick made him famous ?