ECHS May Newsletter

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Hello ECHS Students and Parents,

Students and Parents,

I hope you all have had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather this last month. Students are approaching the halfway point in the Spring Term and for those parents reading, now is a very good opportunity to engage with your student on their progress in their classes, their current grades, assignment status, and tests they still need to complete before finals. For many classes up to the minute grades can be accessed through a students’ mypcc account, and when your counselors or I meet with students that are struggling in a class it is the first place we go to get information on current grades and progress.

To change gears, I have had a couple questions about how potential budget reductions in partner districts might impact ECHS. Our program is unique in that we are not impacted in the typical ways school districts often make budget cuts, like increased class sizes and reductions of school days. Based on all the information I currently have, I do not anticipate any reductions to our staffing levels or our enrollment next year. There will be no changes to student support next year whether that is tuition, the number of credits students can take, or the support our families receive if they qualify for free and reduced lunch (food, books, transportation). Nor has reducing tuition support or support for our families on F/R lunch even been a topic of conversation.

I do anticipate that our operating budget will be reduced, and we have already faced a reduction to this budget this year. This budget covers things outside of tuition, like the costs associated with our graduation ceremony, curriculum for the courses we teach, and supplies.

I will update students and families when I have more information to share, and I thank you for your support of our program and all our students.

The May Newsletter Includes the following information. Please read on for details

-Seniors - End of year and graduation checklist

-Graduation updates and FAQ

-Juniors -SBAC testing

-ECHS Social Media Committee

-Juniors Fall Registration Meeting Reminder

-Winter Term Academic Honors


Parents, the email below was sent to all seniors this week and is meant to be an overview of Frequently Asked Questions and things to do between now and the end of the year. At last count our students are attending 14 different graduation ceremonies between 2 school districts and PCC. Each of these ceremonies have unique policies and procedures. Please bear with the length of the document as policies change significantly for students that are graduating from somewhere other than ECHS.


Below is a detailed overview of important graduation and check-out information. It is meant to be a checklist no matter what your plans are for graduation and beyond. Please read through this email carefully and completely and contact our main office with any questions.

Important surveys:

Please complete these two surveys so that you are prepared for graduation.

  • Senior Recognitions – We want to recognize your amazing accomplishments during our graduation ceremony. Please complete this survey by June 1st to ensure your plans, accomplishments, awards and scholarships are recognized in our graduation program. Whether you attend our graduation ceremony or not we will recognize your accomplishments you can receive a copy of our program. The deadline for our printer is June 1st, so please fill this survey out ASAP. Click here:

  • ECHS Exit Survey – All seniors must complete this short exit survey. Some of the information you provide in this survey is required for us to report to PCC and your partner school districts. Not completing this survey could delay your diploma, so please complete this ASAP. Click here:

Home School/ECHS Graduation Ceremony Information:

Home High School Ceremony:

If you RSVP’d for your home school graduation, and were eligible, we have shared that information with your home high school.

Students eligible/and RSVP’d for a Home High School Graduation you need to:

- confirm with your home high school that you are on their graduation list

- check with them on any graduation procedures and rehearsals you need to attend.

- you should have already placed your cap and gown order, so confirm the date and time of the pick-up with your home high school

Not sure if you RSVP’d, for a home school graduation

ECHS sent a confirmation email to all students who RSVP’d and qualified to attend home school graduation several weeks ago and again this Wednesday.

WAIT…..I forgot to RSVP!:

Your home high school is not expecting you at Graduation. CALL OUR MAIN OFFICE IMMEDIATELY.

ECHS Graduation Ceremony

Please call our office if you did not RSVP and would like to attend the ECHS ceremony. It is not too late to add you to our walk list.

If you have RSVP’d to attend the ECHS Graduation make sure to come in and pick-up your tickets.

Senior Speeches/ Senior Song

The processional and recessional songs at the ECHS ceremony are determined by nominations on the Senior Recognition Survey. Please complete that survey above to nominate a song.

Seniors interested in speaking at the ECHS graduation ceremony? We are now ready to evaluate prospective speeches. The process for consideration is simple. Send me an outline or summary of your proposed speech by May 20th and a small committee will review potential speeches and make a selection by May 30th.

Early College Cap & Gown Orders

Josten's will be delivering the ECHS Cap & Gown Orders on May 20th, to the Early College Office at Rock Creek.


Senior Transcripts, Diplomas

Official transcripts and Diplomas can only be issued by your home high school. Diplomas, transcripts and diploma covers are available at your home high school after July 4th. Contact your home high school after July 4th for a good time to for pick up.

Graduation cords

All ECHS students will receive the PCC dual credit cord.

Home High School Ceremony: Cords should be ready for pick-up by May 20th in the ECHS office.

ECHS Graduation Ceremony: Please hold off picking up your cord and we will bestow it upon you on stage at the ceremony.


Senior Check-Out

Before you ride off into the sunset there are several important things you need to do to check out of our program and home high school.

Home High School -Check in on any outstanding fines or fees. They will hold your diploma and final transcript until any fees are resolved.

If you are planning on attending graduation ensure you are on the walk list and you are up to date on any mandatory graduation meetings


1) Fill out the ECHS Exit Survey,

2) Textbook return – if you borrowed textbooks from ECHS plan on returning any to the ECHS office during finals week

3) Chromebook return – you must turn in your Chromebook to avoid a rather steep fine and to prevent your diploma from being held. Chromebooks may be turned in starting May through finals week to the ECHS office at Rock Creek or Sylvania.

Thank you and please contact our main office with questions.

Seniors: Graduation Upate and FAQ -

Senior Students and Parents, Mark Your Calendars

ECHS Graduation:

When:June 18th, 7:00pm

Where: Westview High School (please note change of venue)

As there are a great many moving parts to graduation and our students have the opportunity to participate in more than one graduation, (ECHS, Home School ), we have created a link with graduation information and FAQ's. We have updated our information based on your feedback and questions. Please check the updates

The link is updated frequently and it currently includes detailed information on:

  • Home school graduation requirements and deadlines
  • ECHS graduation requirements and deadlines
  • Cap and Gown Ordering
  • Senior Recognition
  • Tickets and guest information
  • Additional Ticket request process
  • Internet Streaming information

Updated information - May

  • Graduation/Check out
  • Extra Ticket Waitlist

Please check the link and let us know about any additional questions we can answer

Information and FAQ link:

Juniors - Fall 2018 Registration


PCC has moved Fall registration this year from August to June; therefore, you will need to plan and forecast for your Fall term schedules within the next couple weeks.

Please click on your ECHS counselor link below to schedule a forecasting/grad check meeting. These meetings will begin- Monday, May 13th at Rock Creek and May 16th at Sylvania. Failure to sign up for a meeting with your alpha counselor will result in a hold placed on your account and will deny you access to Fall registration.

Rock Creek Students Sign up at: A - F G -RO RU - Z

Sylvania Students Sign up at:

Juniors SBAC and Essential Skills Testing

Earlier this week an email was sent to all Juniors that have yet to complete the SBAC testing. Please remember that this test is required and helps to fulfill the essential skills graduation requirements.

If you have not completed all sections of the SBAC test Please sign up one or more of the make-up sessions at this link:

Juniors - 2019-20 Senior Day -Save the date, September 4th, 2019. Manditory Meeting

Current Juniors. Please mark your calendars.

Our 2019-20 Senior Day will be held on Wednesday, September 4th. This is a mandatory meeting for all 2019-20 seniors, and student attendance is required.

During Senior Day our staff outline all the necessary information for a successful senior year and a post-graduation transition.This event features alumni guest speakers, college admissions experts and financial aid consultants. Students receive their senior portfolios at this meeting which is essentially a comprehensive roadmap to navigating senior year and all important dates and deadlines for successful post high school planning.

Again, all seniors must attend this meeting to remain in our program. So, please make sure to mark your calendars now.

ECHS Instagram and Social Media

Early College High School Instagram Committee

We have started a Marketing and Social Media Committee at ECHS and we are going to be running the ECHS Instagram page. As early college students, our goal is to provide an accurate view of an early college high schooler’s life at PCC. In order to do this, we will post content related to ECHS and PCC events. Our Instagram page will update you about events and activities, and provide various perspectives on what ECHS is like. Since presenting diverse perspectives is an important part of the Instagram page, please send us an email if you would like to contribute or have any questions:

Follow us @echs.bsd

Winter Term Academic Honors

Please join me in congratulating the following students that earned Academic Winter Term
Academic Honors. Excellent Job students!

President’s List: 3.75-4.0 GPA

Mayra Aguilar Herrera, Anthony Alex, John Anders, Caitlin Anderson, Georgia Anderson, Nancy Antonova, Daniel Arrant, Ellen Avila, Jacob Bailey, Ezra Baker, Allison Baker, Molly Banks, Aubrey Benson, Alexis Biddy, Dhruv Birla, Natalie Bjerregaard, Laura Bower, Claudia Boyd, Danny Bradley, Ashton Bradshaw , Cecilia Bromander, Thomas Brooks, Caitlyn Brown, Kayla Brown, Cooper Cairns, Paris Calvin, Sally Campbell, Arianna Campbell, Lydia Carle, Cadison Carter, Oleg Chanba, Riley Christmas, Genevieve Coblentz-Strong, Emma Compton, Nathan Constans, Leonard Cortez, Jocelyn Cox, Chloe Cozzocrea, Mia Craft, Chloe Dahl, Anjali Daniel, Adam Desloge, Pandora DeSpain, Karsyn Disney, Brenna Donovan, Julian Dukes, Nicole Dunkley, Anonymous, Daniel Eremeyeff, Elizabeth Estrada Torres, Mia Fast, Jerod Foster, Annika Fougli, Maxine Francisco, Benjamin Gillies, Luis Gonzalez Perez, Joshua Hahn, Talayna Halley, Elizabeth Hart, Kobey Haywood, Rahmir Hester, Jason Hillier, Jordan Ho, Veronika Hofstetter, Maya Hosaka, Alexander Ivanov, Jennifer James, Sarah Jenkins, Connor Kime, Twylla Koehler, Tara Kroft, Savannah Krupa, Benjamin Kyle, Kylie Lampe, Haley Landis, Kayla Lavarda, Kaden Lawson, Taylor Lawson, Kyli Layden, Victoria Le, Gloria Leon, Kesari Maharjan, Christopher Marker, Joseph Matveyenko, Leah McDowell, Shanlee Mellem, Leah Metens, Nathan Metens, Sinead Mooney, Bailee Moreno, Sabrina Musse, Ruby Nations, Cameron Nazal, Duy - Jade Nghiem, Diem Han Nguyen, Christine Nguyen, Maya Noonan, Anonymous, Natalie Ofenstein, Akane Omi, Kaizen Oudom, Elias Owotor, Matisse Perry, Amber Piete, Melissa Ponpitaksuk, Jennyfer Ramirez Mata, Sarah Redlinger, Brenna Reed, Priscilla Ren, Benjamin Ridges, Victoria Rivera, Max Russell, Zein Sadek, Selena Saldana, Reem Saleh, Gabriel Sampang, Jaron Sanders, Abigail Sanseri, Megan Sides, Sydney Smythe, Hailey Solano, Madeline Stack, Bernadette Stark, Callie Steed, Brian Stephens, Elizabeth Stonier, Ryo Takei, Nathan Taylor, Morrigan Titko, Camryn Villanueva, Bianca Visekruna, Brooklyn Walker, Elizabeth Weaver, Cade Whitaker, Felicity Wilkinson, Braden Williamson, Emilie Winchester, Alexander Wolfe, Jackson Wolfer, Jordan Zabel, Jonah Zayas, Emily Zeng

Dean’s List: 3.5-3.74 GPA

Holden Ard, Ryo Bangs, Saul Bautista, Elyse Beachy, Vivian Berry, Kelsey Bigelow, Ibrahim Binmahfood, Madison Black, Sierra Bliss, Anthony Bounnam, Caitlin Buzzard, Shaeleyn Carlson, Drake Carlston, Enrique Casas Cofradia, Joseph Chandler, David Chvorun, Alexis Clark, Sophia Collins, Julia Connolly, Angie Coreas Aviles, Christopher De Lima, Rebecca Dolan, Lucinda Feuerherdt, Zachary Fleming, Hannah Gerth, Karla Gonzalez De Niz, Lily Gorden, Suhela Hassan, Keegan Hauser, Nouxai Her, Asher Hill, Zachary Hustead, Jacob Irace, Emma Jenkins, Gabrielle Johnson, Isabelle Malaica Lagasca, Luize Laukakmene, Meagan Lawrence, Katelyn Le, Kathryn Lopez, Alexis Lopez, Natalie Marquez, Jill Mason, Aneka Moffitt, Nicholas Morgan, Josie Muscus, Kallyan Neal, Ryan Niiya, Kerry O'Rourke, Giselle Ornelas Angel, Michael Owens, Cesar Pelayo, Jannella Perez Torres, Hannah Plumb, Hannah Press, Amy Robinson, Vanessa Sayago, Araya Sliger, Avery Smith, Kinsey Smith, Laura Swingen, Alexander Thibado, Zachary Tice, Joshua Varughese

Honor's List 3.25- 3.49 GPA

Daniel Amezcua, Gissel Andrade, Zuhra Asad, Jonah Asis, Alessandra Avalos, Lucas Bambaren, Alexander Bautista, Rebecca Berky, Sadie Bradford, Nicoleta Cernolev, Colson Chupp, Sofia Dattola, Emma Enquist, Joshua Flood, Boyan Gankov, Rachael Grant, Asia Grover, Thomas Hall, Erin Hannestad, Zaida Heinig, Addison Ivanoff, Trevor Johnson, Alex Jones, Gabriel King, Katelyn Langwell, Marc Losonti-Pop, Madison Lyons, Maleah Marger , Cameron McCrite, Javbiene Dian Menguita, Julio Morales, Magaly Morgado Gonzalez, Samantha Nelson, Christopher Ngo, Anna Olson-Voss, Grace Pemble, Westin Pershing, Lemuel Peynado, Joseph Radut, Sean Rubbert, Daniel Sanderson, Madison Schlief, David Sosnovskiy, Joy Sumner, Jackson Van Damme, Ian Vesely, Maya Weeks, Shalom Yemane-Berhane,