Plate Tectonics

by:Emily Montrose

What are plate tectonics

  1. A theory explaining the structure of the earth's crust and many associated phenomena as resulting from the interaction of rigid lithosphere plates that move slowly over the underlying mantle.-Google

Layers of the Earth

layers of the Earth are: inner core,outer core,mantel, and crust.What do the layers of the Earth have to do with plate tectonics?Underneath the crust and mantel there are plates that move. Their motions create volcanoes,mountains,tsunamis,and earthquakes.


Continental drift is another thing that involves plate tectonics and boundaries greatly.The man who came up with the theory Alfred Wegener, got this idea by observing the coasts of Africa and Australia and finding the same prehistoric fossils of animal that looks a lot like a small alligator. Thanks to A. Wegener we have a good understanding even thought there is a lot more to learn. I have learned a lot about Plate tectonics and think it is very interesting.Out Earth is amazing and really complicated.You can always learn more about the boundaries and Earth's core.
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