Yr 9 Advertising Assignment

Ms Bedggood 2014

The Task

In class we were given the task to form a company of our choice, create a logo and create a new product. We then had to plan and present the product in an advertisement or campaign using a range of persuasive techniques.

Our Company

Our company, Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA) has been designed to raise awareness of the amount of suicide that happens in Australia without us noticing. If we become more aware of the amount of people that commit suicide we can prevent it from happening and spread the word so that everyone can join in, in preventing suicide from happening.

What is the point of our Campaign?

Our campaign has been designed to create awareness of suicide in Australia everyone. When our audience looks at this advertisement we will expect to see some surprised people, we are trying to make the audience realize just how many people commit suicide and how important it really is.

How did you decide what to do?

We decided to do this awareness campaign on suicide to raise awareness of what happens every day all around us without us even noticing. We want people to be able to help someone else instead of just ignoring the things that are effecting more people than we think.

Where might this advertisement be seen?

This advertisement can be seen mainly on T.V. on screens, in shopping centers and public places and in magazines.