Culture of Rome vs United States

Citizenship, Law, and Justice

Citizens of Rome

Citizens of Rome are all free, law-abiding people.

Citizens of United States

Citizens of the US have to obey the laws. If they don't they can have consequences.

Rights of Citizenship in Rome

They are able to vote, women weren't allowed only men. Men were able to hold offical offices. They could own property and write contracts. Finally, they could go to court.

Rights of Citizenship in the United States

The difference from Rome is that everyone is able to vote. Not only man are able to hold official offices, also women can. They could own property,


In the united state you can move social ladders, but in Rome you can't. If you are born a slave, you stay a slave, unlike US if your parents are born poor you can be good economically. Male citizen enjoyed all the rights but women didn't. In the US men and women have the same rights and are treated equally. Romans had slaves and the US had a time where they had slaves. Freedmen were former slaves with limited rights. If your parents are immigrants and you were born here that doesn't make you an immigrant. When it comes to sports we are the same as the romans.


Laws are written because if they are not then a person can say something different from the actual law and the you disobey the law.


Fines- pay money, Rome and US citizens both pay fines. In rome, there were beatings, slavery, drowned in the river and slaves were beaten, harder work and often crucified. Some punishments they have in common are, banishment and execution if guilty of treason.