Countdown to extinction

How long do the gray wolf and ocelot have?

What are endangered species?

Did you know that there are over 200 speices that could die out any second, and thats just in your paticular area! This is a large problem, and it's all because of our own careless actions. Endangered speices are groups of different animals that have dangerously low populations. Lucky enough, though, there are simple ways to stop this tragedy.

Why are these creatures endangered?

If the gray wolf eats the prey it was forced to eat, it gets killed for
something that wasn’t its fault! And because of our selfish needs of wood and our addiction to paper,
people are tearing down the forests that ocelots and gray wolves were born and raised in. This doesn't just drive away the ocelot and gray wolf into unfamilar places, it kills their natural prey, too! And since humans have
developed a liking to the ocelots beautiful colored fur, we have begun killing them for it. (It takes 12 ocelots to make 1 fur coat!) The demand is so high, that the ocelot's population is dizzolving very quickly.

How can we help?

One way is to put them on reservations, which is prey-filled territory that is protected by the law.
One of the easiest ways is to donate, or give money generously for the cause.
Another way is to help them get onto the endangered species act. (A law that protects them.)

Will you be the one that saves these amazing animals?

You could do simple things like donating and/or writing to the government that you want a change and
demand that they are put on safe, hunting-free territory. Just one little move could help an entire generation of endangered animals! 1,000,000 starts with 1, will you be the one that starts?