Proud Or Ashamed


World War 1

Zimmerman telegram to have Mexico take land.

I'm ashamed.

we took money away from Germany or Deutchland to pay money they didn't have.

in ashamed.


china policy to have china for open trade.

I'm ashamed.

anti army policy by the democratic party to break down are armed forces.

I'm ashamed.


theodore roosevelt had the bust trust law to stop monopoly.

I'm proud.


city leaders not allowing clean conditions.

I'm ashamed.

tenement housing were low down and people had low pay.

I'm ashamed.


pull factor is that the people from other countries come to take on a new life to form a country. I'm proud.

push factor is the racial haterd is bad. I'm ashamed of it.


in 1892 election between cleveland and harrison did a rematch.

I'm proud.

oil drilling brought money to the economy.

I'm proud.