Brittany Schmidt

English 5th Hour

My Likes and Hobbies

For two years, I have been part of Science Olympiad. I am also the president of Science Club. I have been involved in French club for three years, but sadly, French is no longer supported in Buhler High School.


I have been in Buhler since kindergarten. My favorite memory is probably the time someone fell asleep in class, so the started clapping. The sleeping student then woke up screaming.

I would like to go to college at the University of Phoenix and major in Psychology or Counseling.

My Family

My family is rather awkward. As Lilo and Stitch once said, "This is my family. I found it all on my own. It's little, and broken, but still good." Yeah, it's still good. My mother ran off with my youngest sister when I was young, so it is just my dad, Jerry Schmidt, my sister Bailey, and me in our family unit. We also have Mikhaila Zelenka living with us. She is family to me too even though we aren't related by blood.


Health Concerns

I suffer from Stress-Induced Amnesia (SIA). When I am stressed, I am at risk of forgetting things. Little things like what to get at the store are easily forgotten and manageable, but when I am super stressed, I may "go back in time" when I wake up from sleep. It's terrible. No one knows what to do about this condition other than keep my stress low. I can handle it though. It's just another challenge.

How to Contact Me

You can contact me by email ( or by cellphone ((620) 966-6424).

You can contact my father, Jerry Schmidt, by phone: (620) 663-5445.