1750-1900 Project

By: Wisdom Lynch

1838-1842 First Opium war

When: 1838-1842

Where: China

What: The first of two wars to be fought over the distribution of opium.

Who: Fought between China and Britain.

Why: China tried to suppress the trade of opium due to widespread addiction. Most of the opium was illegally transported by mostly British people from India to China.

1838-1858:Tanizimat ( reorganization) reforms in the Ottoman Empire.

When: 1838-1858

Where: Turkey

What: A series of reforms in the Ottoman Empire that were heavily influenced by European ideas.

Who: The Turkish Empire

Why: It was intended to start a change of the Empire from the old system to a modern state.

1838-1876: Taiping uprising in China

When: 1838-1876

Where: Southern China

What: A series of peasant revolts that later turned into a bloody civil war.

Who: The Qing dynasty of China

Why: Due to famine and government repression which led to peasant revolts.

The second Opium war 1856-1858

The second Opium war

When: 1856-1858

Where: China

What: The second of the two wars that were fought to control the illegal smuggling of opium into China.

Who: China and Britain

Why: Because at the end of the first war the opium smuggling only increased rather than decrease.

1853: Admiral Perry arrives in Japan

1856: Meiji Restoration in Japan

1894-1895 Sino-Japanse war

1896:Ethiopian defeat of italy preserves Ethiopian Independence.

Boxer rebellion in China

When: 1899-1901

Where: China

What: A Chinese organization called the society of the righteous and harmonious fists led an uprising.

Who: The society of the righteous and harmonious fists

Why: Due to not wanting any Western or Japanese influences in China

1904-1905:Russo-Japanese war

When: 1904-1905


What: A war between Russia and Japan

Who:Russia and Japan

Why:Due to the rivalry between Russia and Japan over dominance of Koreq

1908: YoungTurk takeover in Ottoman Empire

When: 1908

Where: Ottoman Empire/ Turkey

What: A political reform movement in the early 20th century

Who:the Ottoman Empire

Why: In fvor of replacing the absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy

1910: Japan annexes Korea

1911: Chinese Revolution: end of Qing dynasty