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I'm heading to the beach. . . and you're invited!

How often do you take a retreat? What is your relationship to the most important things that sustain you? According to Webster's dictionary, the word retreat stems from 1300-1350 AD Middle English retret (noun), an Old French variant of retrait, and past participle of retraire meaning to draw back. Consider these definitions for retreat.

  1. A forced or strategic withdrawal away from danger
  2. The act of withdrawing into safety or privacy
  3. A place of refuge

A retreat can be as simple as paying closer attention to the symptoms of your body and surroundings, or a step-away getaway. When we ignore signs, we open the door for consequences of all sorts.

Whether you're taking refuge in your own backyard or merging a travel adventure with learning, take the time to understand the power of strategic withdrawal. Find what feels good to you. Whether you're leading teams, dreams or life, remember that professionals are people too and we all need a good retreat to refill our vessel, so that we're better able to be present, lead others, do our work and give back.

Love the beach and looking to plan your next retreat? Join me!

Join Annelies for a little beach get-away. Take a day or two for you! Let's walk and talk along the beach together. Explore what's good, what's difficult, and imagine what could be better. This experience is custom designed. Want a half day? Purchase a 3 hour immersion. Want a full day? Purchase two! Let's navigate change--together.

DATES AVAILABLE: Contact Annelies to book dates and times of your private immersion.
  • Aug 23, 24, 25, 26
  • Sept 6, 7, 8, 9
  • Sept 13, 14, 15, 16
  • Sept 20, 21, 22, 23

HOUSING SUGGESTIONS: (Meals and housing are NOT included in your immersion)
  • Trinity Retreat Center: If booked within two weeks of your immersion, you might be able to stay at Trinity ONLY IF you have been there before on retreat with Annelies in the past. Although this option is a good price, it's tricky since they don't book single rooms in advance and won't take people who have not stayed here before.

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