Looking for Alaska

Kenley White


Miles (pudge) has an obsession with famous last words, when he starts Culver Creek boarding school his life completely changes. He meets Alaska Young the complicated, funny, screwed-up but fascinating. She brings pudge into her life all while stealing his heart.

List of characters

  • Alaska Young
  • Miles (Pudge)
  • Chip (The Colonel)
  • Lara
  • Takumi
  • Mr.Starnes (The Eagle)


Life and death play a huge roll in this book. Life because the teens are learning to live life while discovering themselves. Death because all the teens have to deal with uncalled for death.

Character Analysis

Last words: Pudge has an obsession with famous last words. He falls in love with Alaska while seeking his "Great Perhaps" the last words of the famous poet Francois Rabelais.

Shy: Pudge would rather be reading then anging out with people. Doesn't fit in very well


"If people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane"

Important Event

Pudge gets thrown into a pond by Weekday Warriors as a prank.


I recommend this book to fans of John Green and any age high school students.