Let's Talk Math and Science

Miss Sumpter's 5th grade class


This week we have completed Chapter 7 which was centered around Expressions and Patterns. Within Chapter 7 we focused on using patterns to solve problems. This week we investigated mapping locations, ordered pairs,and graphing patterns. We had a lot of fun with this unit! Next week we will begin Chapter 8. Chapter 8 is centered around Fractions and Decimals. We will start by noticing and naming the relationship between fractions and decimals, finding the greatest common factor, and simplifying fractions.

As we begin to prepare for our SC Ready Test, please make sure that mathematicians are practicing on TenMarks and FrontRowed. They are both wonderful online resources!


Last week we decided to review our previous units of studies. Within groups, students created awesome presentations related to Force and Motion, Landforms and Oceans, Variables, and Mixtures and Solutions. This week we started our Unit of Study on Ecosystems. My hope is that students will see a need for Conservation through this Unit and will teach others about taking care of our Ecosystems. Next week we will continue to investigate Ecosystems and learn about Plant and Animal Cells.