Scott's Tragic Adventure

By Erin and Maddy

Robert Falcon Scott

Robert Falcon Scott was an Antarctic explorer from United Kingdom.

He led 2 expeditions in 1910-1912 and in 1901-1904. His ship was called The SS Terra Nova.

Aim Of Expeditions And The Supplies He Brought With Him.

The expedition of 1910-1912 aimed to explore the part of Antarctica around the Ross Sea and to also find out more about the animals, weather and geography. Also Robert Falcon Scott wanted to be the first one to get to the South Pole but someone beat him.

He brought with him food, ponies, water, sleeping bags and clothes.

Robert Falcon Scott

Robert Wasn't Prepared To Go On This Adventure

He was ill prepared because he didn’t have enough food supplies and he didn’t think for his dogs to pull the sleds as the explorers themselves had to pull them. The explorer that beat Scott was smart and let his dogs pull the sleds so he was much quicker than Scott.

This Adventure Didn't Turn Out Well For Scott

Unfortunately this adventure did not go well for him because he died in starvation and his mates left him in his sleeping bag. His mates also died as well.

Robert Falcon Scott

However Scott showed leadership qualities of braveness, kindness, caring for others to overcome the hard ship of coldness, travelling distances.

He will be remembered as someone who has tried hard to succeed the best.

We believe that Scott is an incredible explorer and he is hard working.