Cherokee Phoenix

By: Madeline, Molly, Megan, Collin, Reanna, and Abbie

The Indians Forced West

Recently the Americans came and told the Indians to leave. Of course the Cherokee chief, Osceola, told the Americans that they didn’t want to leave their homes. The American soldiers didn’t like that very much. Many Cherokee felt upset, sad, and frustrated. The Cherokee fought back, but in the end the Americans won.

I interviewed Abhaya, a member of the Cherokee tribe, on his thoughts about them being forced to move West. His response was, “I didn’t like the idea of moving because we all loved this land. It wasn’t fair that we found this land and the Whites feel like they can kick us off.” When saying this he told about some families that had just built new homes and had to leave them.

I then asked him, “What would you have done differently if you had a say in the situation?” He responded, “I honestly think that we could share the land because it was big enough for all of us but for some reason they needed it for themselves and only themselves.”

“We are finally forced to leave and sign treaties after Jackson threatened us with a gun!” He stated. They finally decided to move West fearing our lives and it was a horrid trip for all of them. It was cold and they lost many people, hence why their journey is sometimes referred to as The Trail of Tears. They had very little supplies and clothing and are happy that they have finally arrived. “I love the feeling of having my family safe and in the same home as me again.” Abhaya says proudly.

The Cherokee were forced to move, but they carried their traditions and love with them. Albeit many lives were lost on this tough journey, many more survived and are now safe and with their families once again.