My Life


Hi, my name is Max Monty I am currently a junior at DePaul College Prep. The two sports I play are football for DePaul and rowing for the Chicago Rowing Foundation. My nationality is Polish, German, Ukrainian, and Hungarian. I was born and raised in Chicago. For middle school I attended Rogers Park Montessori School. My favorite music is probably anything on the top 50 list, country rock, classic rock and a variety of different eras. My favorite TV show is The Last Ship, which is about a naval ship that comes back to the U.S. after being on a dark mission and finds out over 3/4 of the population has been wiped out. They need to save the world! My favorite movie is Blackhawk down. This movie shows the struggles and risks US troops have to take to keep America and their fellow troops safe. My favorite book is The Martian by Andy Weir and a few of my main hobbies are wake boarding, snowboarding, sports, and the outdoors. I have traveled to many places, Colorado, Disney Land/World, Costa Rica and Mexico to name a few. In the future I do not know where I want to go to college but I am thinking of pursuing some type of engineering.


Renegades - X Ambassador by deliriousemily
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