Gordan Korman



Gordan Korman is 52 years old.

he was born in canada.

he is #1 new york best selling books for more than 55 books.

he was voted best sieries award for swindle.

his books were translated to 14 langueges

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Summary On Zoo Break in Swindle series

I think that the book Jail break is really good book. when the guy traps all the wild animals was not good. the night they snuck onto the ship and saved the animals was awesome.

Book talk

Do u like reading about freeing wild animals from boats? Well in the book, Zoo Break, you can learn more about this. Do you think the wild animals will be stuck in the cages or someone will break them out?

Five Gordan Korman Books

1. Swindle Series

2. Schooled

3. Ungifted

4. One False Note

5.Falconer Series

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