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Crossroads Newsletter

Winter 2020

From the Principal's Desk

Greetings from Crossroads Center!

As we enter the third month of 2020, I want to wish everyone in the Crossroads family a happy, productive and healthy spring semester. It is amazing how quickly this year has flown.

Over the first half of this school year, I am proud of what we have accomplished here at Crossroads. We are continuing to refine a learner centered environment for our students. In every class, teachers are consistently adjusting what they teach and how they teach it, so that all students will learn. We have become adept at responsive instruction and at providing feedback to students, so that they are clear on what they are learning, and what they need to do to improve. Additionally, we are refining our work in Restorative Practices. Restorative Practices teach students how to repair any harm that might have been done as a result of misbehavior or conflict. Though this approach is less punitive than traditional methods of behavior management, it truly holds students accountable. The result is an atmosphere of communication and collaboration around student issues.

As you probably know, each community at Crossroads Center participated in a geocaching field trip recently. Geocaching is one of the ways that we do experiential learning at Crossroads. In geocaching, students in small teams use a handheld GPS to navigate direction and locate 14 discs that are affixed to trees over a 15 acre plot of woods and marshland. Each hidden disc has a corresponding historical question with it, that must be answered before moving to the next. Students must work together, communicate and be creative to find as many as possible. Though some of the hiking was a bit wet, students truly showed leadership and collaborative skills in this event! Many thanks to Ms. Monteleone, our PE teacher, and the BCPS Office of Science for providing guidance and the Days Cove Wildlife Area for our use!

The spring semester is often a time when there are numerous assessments that students complete, measuring their progress and the effectiveness of our instructional program. This year will be no different. Beginning this month, students in our middle school will be taking MAP assessments. These assessments will provide us with good information about how students are learning, and progress they have made. Additionally, MCAP, MISA and High School Assessments (HSA’s) will be completed in subsequent weeks.

At Crossroads, we understand that students are much more than test scores and statistics. We know that the learning that happens each day, in each class determines each student’s success. That is where you can help us. We encourage students to persist with difficult academic tasks, and not to give up easily. By communicating this same message to your child, you assist us greatly. Let your child know that success in school matters. Make sure that they are in school each day, and that they complete any home assignments or projects to the best of their abilities. Above all, remind them that success really does come to those people who set goals and work hard.

As always, thank you for working in partnership with us and for your daily support. I look forward to working with you throughout the remainder of the year!


John S. Ward


Community News

Indian Community

Science 8

8th grade Science students will began their Unit 2 Culminating Event at the beginning of February. On January 3rd the Indian community traveled to the Natural History Museum in DC to take in the new Deep Time Exhibit. On this trip, students participated in a Paleobiology class. Please check out the Deep Time video clip:

We will be expanding on this experience. Students will be recreating a scene in Maryland from millions of years ago. They will be researching an extinct organism, creating models out of clay, sketching the “possible” environment of the time, and selecting an unique anatomical feature to zoom in on! Students will create a diorama similar to the ones scattered throughout the Deep Time exhibit! We can’t wait to see their creative side!

Math 8 News

It was a great second quarter for Math 8. The students have been working hard. We completed our second unit and began our third unit which comprises of solving equations and systems of equations. This topic is very challenging for the students especially for those who have not mastered the multiplication tables. If your child struggles with the times tables, please have them practice at home. There are many apps they can install on their phones to practice!!

The students use a self-pacing program called ASCEND, this program is geared to fill in the gaps and misconceptions the students have with many math concepts. I am happy to announce we had 13 students complete a level during the second quarter. I hope to see many more students’ complete levels the third quarter.

Congratulations to:

Benjamin B., Indya B., Cameron C. Victoria C., Jordan G., Katelyn M., Matthew M., Andre M., Ini O., Justin O., Landon S., Tyler S. and Tamyia T.

Students can access ASCEND at home for more practice.

On Wednesday’s, students are completing a math and writing activity, we call this WICOR WEDNESDAY. During this time students use the knowledge they learned to express their thinking in words, diagrams and using formulas.

If any parents have a questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at


AVID students participated in a Black History Month Project. They choose a person or event to research. They worked on their time management, research, and presentation skills.

Pacific Community

Meet a Teacher!

Marcie Cooke is our Algebra 1 teacher. She has taught for 23 years. Mrs. Cooke taught in Baltimore City for 3 years before transitioning to Baltimore county schools. She is a Baltimore county graduate-Franklin High School. Mrs. Cooke is new to the high school community. Prior to coming to the high school, Mrs. Cooke taught 7th-grade math. She is married and the proud owner of a cat and shar-pei lab mix. Mrs. Cooke is the Teachers’ Union vice president and a champion for students and teachers. She enjoys football and is an AVID Ravens fan. She likes yoga and reading. You can contact Mrs. Cooke at

Arctic Community

Congratulations to the following students for finishing a SPARC course in January and February!

  • Mary Rose
  • Shane
  • Cesar
  • Salem
  • Aiden
  • Mekaiya
  • Phoenix
  • Ta'Jah
  • Will
  • Dylan J
  • Donnell
  • Dante
  • Iyana
  • Latajia
  • Zion
  • Shemera
  • Carley
  • Cole
  • Sharonda
  • Christina
  • Cameon
  • Brandon
  • Josh
  • Mariah

Congratulations to Will and Christina for having A's in IPC!

Congratulations to the following Living Systems students for earning A's: