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How to Choose a Perfect Fit and Flare Cocktail Dress Online

A woman should be particular about selecting her go-to-garment, like her cocktail dress, for instance, for a social event. The dress must help her make a style statement and accentuate her best features in a classy and elegant manner. Cocktail dresses are supposed to be carried gracefully and effortlessly. As such, a girl should select the dresses depending on her body structure and preferred comfort level.

However, with the range of women’s fit and flare cocktail dresses available in stores and online, it can be very confusing to select the right cocktail dress from the varieties available. The problem increases when you are shopping online and wondering which ones to buy among the many you like. If you are looking for one, you can start by focusing on some of the key factors that make a dress good or bad – including its fit and flare.

Here are a few tips to help you find the cocktail dresses with the right fit and flare online.

Know your body type: Each girl has a specific body type. Know yours as it will help you find the dress that suits you and makes you look more elegant. Some common body types are:

•Rectangular or Ruler or Straight where the fat is spread evenly across the body giving it a straight shape

•Pear where the hips are larger than the bust with a gradually sloping waist

•Apple or Inverted Triangle where you will have broader shoulders and narrower hips with a not-so-well-defined waist

•Hourglass that has the same size of bust and hips with a well-defined waist

What dress for what figure

For the rectangular figure: Go with peplum dresses or those that flare out from the waist but stop around the knees. If you find a piece with asymmetric lines then you can definitely try it out. In addition, a scooped neck or one with collars or a ruff will help. Quite a few dresses are available online. You may also check a specialist women’s store or a designer’s site.

•For the pear shapes: An A-Line skirt or cocktail dress will be the best fit for those with a pear-shaped body. Try to avoid anything short because you will have to cover the heavier waist and thighs. If you are shopping the cocktail dress online, opt for the categories where the A-Line dresses are showcased. There are quite a few flare styles. Check the ones you can carry off. Opt for a V-neck or a halter top or with a finely embellished neckline to grab attention.

For the apples or inverted triangles: Check out the empire dresses or a drop waist cocktail dress to redefine your figure. Empire cocktail dresses will help you elongate the torso and look amazing. Go for dresses that flare out from the waist as they will give the area more width. V-necks are a good option.

•Hourglasses: Most hourglass figure girls can carry off almost all dresses. They can avoid flares and just opt for form fitting dresses that build on their figure. There are quite a range of styles available online that you can try.

If you are a plus size: If you are a plus size girl, you select a V-neck dress made of an easy flowing fabric that fits well but does not cling to your body. Opting for wrap dresses can be wonderful. Try neck accessories to draw attention.

You can get a wide array of the finest cocktail dresses from various e-commerce and m-commerce sites. It may be worth your while to check out a designer or two also as they have a more stylish and classier range.

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