Flashing News

With Nikki Soroushi

Todays Flashing News Is

Today our flashing news is the urban crime which happened a while ago in a dry cleaner shop owned by Sae Young and her husband. They had recently moved to the United States from Korea in search of a better life and work opportunities. After years of owning the cleaner shop, her husband died of a sudden heart attack leaving her to be a widow.

Then one afternoon a man walked into the shop in a big oat and under his coat was a gun. Sae Young was scared, the man asked for money. She didn't hand him the money immediately. He pushed her down and kicked her. She suffered a broken cheekbone and as the result of pain, she passed out.

The rubber not only injured her face but also injured her trust in all people. Till this day, Sae Young does not talk to anyone unless she asks her friends for food.

It's Time to Dance

Saturday, March 28th, 6-8pm

At Claverage Middle School

This event is going to be hosted by Capricorn Anderson your Class president . There is going to be a very hip cool DJ at the party and a make your own pizza station.

This event is for the eight grade students only. Parents to volunteer call -1-800-SCHOOL DANCE and ask for Mrs. Michelle your art teacher at the middle school. To RSVP for the school dance email - SchoolDance@gmail.com