Civil War Battles in Texas

5 Major Civil War Battles in the Lone Star State.

The Battle of Galveston

  • Confederate commander General John B. Magruder made capturing Galveston his top priority.
  • In 1863, 4 Confederate gunboats came down the bay, heading to Galveston.
  • The Union forces in Galveston were three groups of the "42nd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment" under the command of Colonel Isaac S. Burrell.
  • The Confederates captured or killed all except for the regiments adjutant (officer who is an assistant to a senior officer).
  • The Confederates captured the "Harriet Lane", two barks, and a schooner, which were ships owned by the Union. The Harriet Lane was blown up to prevent the capture by the Confederates.
  • The impact was that the Confederacy has taken over another area which had Union forces.
  • Confederate Victory
  • 650 casualties (600 U.S., 50 Confederate)

The Battle of Palmito Ranch

  • located in Cameron, Texas
  • took place in 1865
  • It is known as the last major clash in the whole civil war, though it occurred when the war was technically over.
  • It was a victory for the Confederates, who were led by Col. John Ford.
  • it ended all of the battling and fighting, which concluded the war.
  • 118 casualties (118 U.S, 0 C.S.)
  • Confederate Victory

The Battle of Sabine Pass

  • took place in Jefferson, Texas
  • September 8, 1863.
  • one of the only Union attempts to gain parts of Texas during the Civil War.
  • Richard Dowling led a force of about 50 Confederates to repel a Union force of 5,000.
  • 0 casualties (300 Union solders captured)
  • Union led by Lieutenant Frederick Crocker
  • Union Ships; Clifton, Sanchem, Arizona, Granite City
  • Confederate Victory

The Battle of Brownsville

  • located Brownsville, Texas
  • November 2nd-6th 1863
  • During the Blockade of Galveston, Brownsville became a major trading port.
  • The Union sent about 6,000 troops and quickly captured Brownsville.
  • This made trading with Mexico very difficult.
  • Union was led by Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks
  • Union Victory

The Battle of Red River

  • on March 12, 1864
  • located in Mansfield, Louisiana
  • Union tries to evade Texas from the east, so they go down the Red River and are attacked.
  • Union leader was General Nathaniel P. Banks
  • Confederate leader was Richard Taylor
  • Confederate Victory
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