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Amerigo Vespuccis' early life

Amerigo Vespucci was born in 1454. He lived in the rich city of Florence . It was located in the north part of the Italian peninsula it also was on a trade route that was so long that it reached the Indies, a term for people that lived in Asia, in the far East way to England in the north west. Vespucci herd very good things about the Indies. Gold, Silk , and many more wonderful thing's the Indies had. The word spread all around Europe. His family was well known to sell wine, wool, and many more good's. The family also loved to learn about art and music etc.

Days of Learning

Vespucci was later sent to the monetarist of San Marco to study with his uncle Giorgio. Vespucci's class mates were some Italian boy's as well as Europeans boy's too. Vespucci learned alot of interesting things such as math, grammar, history, ext. The thing that Vespucci leaned the most about was the world map. The ptolemy divided all the earth into halves witch are called hemispheres. There was a line in between northern and southern he would always call the equator.

Amerigo wanted to travel the world to see what is what it was really was like. In his very first year in San Marco Amerigo found out that it would be very difficult because many people were afraid of being burnt by the sun.The Greeks and Romans said that the equator was a very big ring of burning fire they also said that the seas that were at the equator were boiling hot and that the sky's were full of fire and that the fire in the sky would drop onto the sea.

When In France and Spain

When Amerigo hit age 24, one of his fathers brothers, his name was Guido, made Amerigo a very unlikely offer. The conspirators , a group that comes up with awful plans, tried to kill de' medici, The ruler of Florence, because they were very very selfish and wanted his power but they did not succeed. Sadly they were going to give it another shot but this time they were going to try to get the help of the there big army of the pope and the army of the king of a place called Naples.

Lorenzo sent Guido to Paris to get the helping hand of the French King. Guido wanted to Amerigo to come along while he was in pairs so he would help. Amerigo had never had a chance so big like this so it was very shocking question for Amerigo. Amerigo took the opportunity and went ahead and said yes to the offer. They also traveled with guards as it was very likely to get robbed. On the way Guido and Amerigo stopped at many french places.

The Navigator Amerigo

People began to worry about Colombus because they had not heard from him for several months. Rumors spread that he had possibly shipwrecked, or that he was stuck in the great sea of mud. Several months later news came to Seville (the capital and largest city of Spain) that he had returned to Palos (another city in Spain).

King Ferdinand sent Colombus to Hispaniola for gold . He returned almost empty handed with only some colorful feathers and a little bit of gold. Crew members were upset becasue Colombus was an unfair governer. This made the king break his promise to Colombus about him being the only explorer the king would send to explore the Indies. The king also declared that Hispaniola, a place, would only be searched by columbus

Under New Lands

The travel went down the coast of North Africa. Amerigo was excited to see the same things the Portuguese saw. It was not so easy to use navigational, traveling, tools to know the latitude on a ship. luckily he managed to get his "sea legs" and then was able to tell the latitude each and every frequent day. They eventually stopped at a island called Fire island and took some clean water and some wood with them. Finally every thing was ready for they were heading to Hispaniola.

While Amerigo was on the boat he was supposed to sleep like the others in a cabin but at night he would go out and watch the stars as new stars a peered he slowly made a map out of what he saw. Three weaks passed by and Amerigo and the others were wondering if they would soonly see land. Amerigo began to see a line of green and it turned out to be trees ! They quickly got of the boat then one of Amerigo's tools told him they were four degrees north of the equator. Then they saw unexpected people but they were the indies but the people received Amerigo and the other men in a kind way and gave them many goods and asked them if they could stay for three more days but Amerigo did not want to be late so he and the other men sailed off.

Strange places

As Amerigo and the other men sailed back home they stopped at many places to trade things so they had something to give back to the indies. Time passed as they sailed by but one day when they tried to settle on a beach people started to shoot there arrows at them and they attacked back with sharp swords but luckily got the chance to run and they took it. In these times Europeans thought they had the permission of god to do what ever they wished to do to non Christians.

After lots and lots of sailing Amerigo saw a island with its own village but every times they went to shore the indies that live there shot arrows at them but with hope Amerigo and the men fought back until finally the indies fled. After the indies fled they entered the village witch had many goods. The ships continued and then settle on Columbus's land and rested for a while. After two months they sailed north just one more time and on the way they found heathen, a person who does not belong to a held realign, and took them to sell as a slave or to use them a there own slave. Then finally Amerigo headed home but when he finally got there he got a fever. After much healing he finally got rid of his fever and then he made a globe of the earth for his king and queen. He then gave king Ferdinand and queen Isabella the globe and they were very pleased and they were impressed that Amerigo could tell longitude accurately. After days he cot a fever again but as always his fever got healed then one day when he was sleeping a messenger came and had told Amerigo that the king Manuel of Portugal said he wanted to talk with him Amerigo knew that he invaded Portuguese land on his trip but he did wondered if the king knew it but the messenger told Amerigo the king was not mad. Amerigo checked that the sailors were going towards the indies even thought they were going in zigzags. He then showed the men his ways of travailing. The men did not understand his ways that much or how he used his traveling tools. After all this he then again went onto sea

A New Discovery

After the boats had been sailing for 64 days to look for land they finally saw some land. Then after a day or so of zigzag sailing the boats were way far south soon it passed all together. Now there was not one thing that could stop them from the equator. Then Amerigo read from his almanac, a yearbook, of the moon with Mars a few days later. Witch would be just about a good time to determine the longitude. Then Amerigo found out that they were not were they were supposed to be and they were in a totally new continent.

As soon as Amerigo got to Lisbon he told king Manuel about the big coastline he observed. Amerigo wrote to Popolano too. Amerigo also told both of them that the coast was a part of a totally new continent. Then on may 10 1503, Amerigo sailed as the captain of a boat in a six-ship travel.During Amerigos four years as a sailor Amerigo suffered an usual yet occasional attack of fevers,colds,and more. Then one cold dark day when he was at age 58 he got an extreme cold and Maria and Giovanni could only just watch as Amerigo got worse. On Feb 22,1512, he died

The Nameing of America

In 1507, a letter probably written to Popolano by Amerigo with a map of the places Amerigo saw and visited. Then in 1522 after Waldseemuller and also Amerigo had both passed away the map was printed again in Germany and then after this happened almost all the maps of the entire world put the name America on the central and southern part of the new world The world map also shows Florida. Amerigos ship log book showed that he also visited Cabo Frio it is the colony Amerigo started.

The log book it still alive but in the hands of Portugal. Amerigos greatest achievement is that he realized that the coast that he and also columbus observed was a section of a new continent! The faith that Amerigo put on world geography majorly helped put a stop to the bad times of history. Amerigo Vespucci was a person a voyager to be remembered to.