December 11, 2015

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Faculty and staff are responsible for the content of this newsletter.

To report an unplanned absence, call Dr. Cunningham @ 624-9994 or Mrs. Thornton @ 980-5770.


To report an unplanned absence, call Dr. Cunningham @ 624-9994 or Mrs. Thornton @ 980-5770. This expectation has been in our faculty handbook for many years. A follow-up email and/or text is appropriate, however DOES NOT take the place of the call. If you have questions about this expectation, please see me. Thank you.


  • On December 15 & 16 we have Data Chats - what should grade levels do with their RTI groups when assistants will be covering other classes?

The calendar is marked as NO RTI for those two days. This is true for all grade levels.

  • For teachers who split their students for specials, can we change the groups after Christmas?

I ask that classroom teachers speak with special area teachers to ensure this will not create any difficulty we may not have thought of. Their input will also be needed when making the changes since they are the ones working with the classes.

  • What is the movie for December 18th?

We are considering changing the movie by grade level so they do not see the same movie every year. Any suggestions from grade levels is appreciated. Fifth grade has already requested a movie on the Dust Bowl in preparation for the second semester. It will be used to create interest in the upcoming unit. Mrs. Morris assures us it is a great documentary! :0)

  • When is November Party with the Principal?
TODAY There will not be a party with the principal for December.
  • DQ Reward scheduled for December 17th

No this is for the names the actual trip is in Jan. 7th and 8th. Teachers will need to turn in names so that I can make a schedule.


  • Clean classrooms of all first semester decorations and unnecessary "stuff" in preparation for January.
  • Plan to review rules and procedures when returning January 5.
  • Turn in to Treva Richardson before leaving December 18:
  1. Resubmit class schedules with an update date of January 5, 2015 so we are sure to have your most current schedule on file.
  2. Updated Professionalism Log using the current form
  3. Telephone logs for December (and November if you have not done so).


  1. Please review policy below.
  2. Please make certain you have a plan on file for every student in case of early dismissal.
  3. Update your substitute folders to include this information.



We will be loading buses in a different manner when students return to school in January. I am providing this information in advance to ensure you have the opportunity to update information and prepare your students.

We will continue to dismiss car riders when the bell rings at 3:15.


  • Fourth and Fifth grade classes will be dismissed by 3:25 or when all buses arrive at school. When 4th and 5th grade classes are dismissed to load buses, 2nd and 3rd grade classes will line up in their individual door ways and wait to be dismissed. When 4th and 5th grade classes clear the building, 2nd and 3rd grade classes will be dismissed to load buses.
  • When 2nd and 3rd grade classes are dismissed to load buses, Kindergarten and first grade classes will line up in their individual door ways and wait to be dismissed. After 2nd and 3rd grade classes clear the building, K and 1st grade classes will be dismissed to load buses.

Classes should exit to the hallway in the order of their classrooms. Teacher should not have students standing in the hallways prior to being called for dismissal. This will notify us of when each grade level has cleared the building. Our goal in changing this process is to keep students calmer in their classrooms in an effort to improve bus behavior and safety and to expedite the process of bus loading by beginning with older students who load to the back of the bus.

Summary of process:
4-5 called to dismiss, 2-3 line up in their door ways
4-5 clear building, 2-3 called to dismiss, K-1 line up in their doorways
2-3 clear building, K-1 dismissed

Your assistance in following this process is greatly appreciated.
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Thank you to Lynsi for being our first spotlight!!
Hometown: Clarksville, TN
Family: Husband Johnny, daughter Madison-8, Son Nathan,-3, daughter Isabelle- 18 months
  • If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

I am living where I want to be. It’s been hard being a military spouse, but it’s nice to know that I never have to pick up and move myself or children again!

  • What is your favorite family vacation?

My family has a timeshare in Florida every year. The children play hard, and we enjoy all being together. Every year, we end up going early to have just a few more days!

  • What's the craziest thing you’ve done in the name of love?

Move to a foreign country and deliver our 3rd child!

  • What's your favorite family recipe?

Hummingbird cake! Have you ever had it? It’s like banana bread meets carrot cake. It is SO good!

  • What motivates you to work hard?

Seeing positive results and being recognized for hard work.


We still have almost 30 people who have not paid dues. Only you know your individual circumstance and I will not ask questions. However, if you CAN afford to help out and just have not, please do. This committee does a lot in support of faculty and staff and cannot continue to do so without everyone. We don't want to have to change the guidelines to support only those who contribute either. That doesn't stay true to the intent of the committee! PLEASE do your part. Thank you!

Committee Fees

Please remember that Lori Morrison is collecting funds ($10.00) for this year. This helps pay for our Christmas luncheon and end of year luncheon, cakes, gifts, cards, etc. The committee is requesting that everyone contribute their part. Thank you!

Festive Days and Treat Days for the week of December 14-18
  • Monday: Red, Green and Jeans Day, SPECIAL ED & SPECIAL AREA treats
  • Tuesday: Tree Skirt Day (Be creative)—Men you can wear a tie, K-1-2 treats
  • Wednesday: Christmas Hat and/or shirt day, 3-4-5 treats
  • Thursday: Tacky Christmas Sweater day, Support Staff treats
  • Friday: Favorite Christmas shirt day, Luncheon
Please remember that all days are optional, however you must participate to wear jeans. Prizes will be awarded for the most creative outfit each day.

Our luncheon will begin at 12:30 in the cafeteria. All faculty and staff are expected to attend. If you plan to bring an alternate lunch (for those who prefer not to each what the committee has ordered), notify Lori Morrison ASAP so extra food is not ordered.

If you are participating in Secret Santa we will reveal after lunch. Please remember your Secret Santa during this week!


Late Bus Duty: FIRST GRADE

Instructional Week 18

14th A Week L Day

Safety Team Meeting @ 1:30 in MC

15th A Week C Day

Extended RTI Data Chats 4th, 5th, 1st

16th A Week O Day

Extended RTI Data Chat 2nd, 3rd, K

17th A Week N Day

PD Meeting starts at 7:15 in MC.

18th Day Out of Calendar

½ Day for Students

9:15 Book Parade

JANUARY 4th: Faculty and Staff report to work for staff development.

Students do not report.

Instructional Week 19

Late Bus Duty: Second Grade

5th B Week F Day