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15-16 Sawnee Tech News Vol. 20

Chatterpix Kids and Research

I have shared this app before, but it's so cute and the kids LOVE it! Mrs. Hahn's class just completed their arctic animal research and published their facts using Chatterpix Kids. Can you see a way to use this in your classroom? Be sure to attend Kim's session at our SES Mini-Tech Conference on Feb. 16th!
Hahn ArcticAnimalChatterpix

Google Drawings

A new Google tool to explore with your FCSS google apps account: Google Drawings. Login to itslearning, click More > Google Apps at the top of the screen to automatically sign-in to your Google account. Click New, hover over More and then select Google Drawings to start creating. Students can easily share their creations with you by sending a link. Consider using this for open-response assessments students must complete. The name "Google Drawings" is a little misleading since it's not the best option for creating artwork. It is a great option for creating infographics, graphic organizers, collaborative post-it notes, and custom graphics for a Google Doc or Slides project.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Try some of this science experiments geared toward Valentine's Day!

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