Texas Economy of Railroads & Farms

BY: Camden Chandler

The Rails Make a Big Impact On the Texas Economy

Railroads were a important essential back in this time period,but if your town didn't have a railroad you were economicly doomed. Railroads made bargaining and trading easier,but before the only trade that was easy and cheap was the ones in your town. Texan citizens begged for railroads to be built in their regions, so towns joined up to save money for stations,storehouses, and pens for the cattle. People were so desperate for rails that they payed rail company's and demanded it to be built in the area. Cities borrowed and shared money to provide the companys to lay down railroads in Texas. Many now famous Texas cities wouldn't have got their share of fame if railroads didn't exist. West Texas cities such as Abilene, Amarillo, and Midland were famous because of the rails. Growth of Texan cities prospered as the railroads extended, border cities closer to Mexico tied their economy to Texas strengthing their economy links to Mexico and the U.S.

Farming Brings The Economy

Farming brought a bunch of settlers to Texas. Papers in the South printed titles on newspapers like " All you need to be a farmer is little money, and two boys!" With people rushing to texas for farming some bought state or personal land. Many people changed their name to escape their debt, and others were Southerners looking for a new life.