Math Department 3rd-5th Grade

Week 19 News/Update "Happy Holidays Enjoy Your Time Off!"

Action Steps:

**Thanks to your productive planning and prep day last week, there are few action items for Math teachers! That's a testimate to your hard work and dedication.

  • Load Week 20 and Week 21 lesson plans to sharepoint BEFORE CPD so that you can receive feedback and focus on Week 22 and Week 23 lesson plans at CPD!
  • Katrina will send out an email to school leaders the night before CPD highlighting who has and who has not met this expectation for further follow up.
  • Preview your Mock TCAP Data before CPD so that you are prepared to dive deep in to the data at CPD and draft your pacing for Feb 16th - March 13th!
  • Review the attached draft CPD Agenda Below and email feedback to Katrina before this week is out!

This Action Step Is Specific to My Coaching Cohort:

  • Review your coaching cycle 3 plans and email Katrina any questions you may.
  • Katrina will check in with each of you in pairs during CPD.

ANET 1 and ANET 2 yielded underwhelming data in most cases which was expected because our pacing calendars were not closely aligned to ANet! ANET 3 is going to be our test to beat, our time to come out of the corner swinging, our time to shine as a department now that our pacing is 80%-90% aligned with ANET 3 pacing.

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ANET Data Perspective:

When I taught 5th grade my first year with the ASD.................. by ANet 2 only 25% of my students were scoring 50% or higher on their assessment, but by ANet 3 60% of my students were scoring at 50% or higher, that grew to 66% by ANet 4 and record growth and proficiency gains on TCAP by the end of the year! There is a direct correlation between student proficiency on ANet Assessments and TCAP. We've started slow to go fast and are ready to make big things happen!

Even with our pacing gaps the following teachers soared, so huge shout out to 5th Grade Shayla Jeffries, 4th Grade Shayla Morgan, 3rd Grade Allyson Chambers, and 3rd Grade Shannon Clark! Way to go ladies!

We also have some teachers to shout out for their exceptional Fall to Winter Map Growth: 4th Grade Mehul Shah, 4th Grade Deneia Brooks, and 3rd Grade Rebekah Berlin! Way to go Team!

Long story short.......................................

This is a 12 round fight and it's Knock Down Drag Out from round to round. Know where you landed rounds 1 through rounds 6, reflect on where you landed, make targeted plans of action for how you plan to come back, and come back swinging after the break! You can do it and your students can do it! As the leader of our department I believe in each and every one of you and am humbled/excited to be apart of this team. When the final bell rings we will have all won the title!! (I love analogies)

FYI (Mock TCAP Scores loaded to School Runner):

  • All scores must be in school runner by the end of the Thursday, December 18th!
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· Bring “Curriculum Boxes” these are the boxes we started organizing our materials in at the Math Planning/Prep day Dec 10th!

· Preview your Mock TCAP data in school runner before CPD, if possible bring printed copies so that you can mark them up during your data deep dive (templates for the data dive will be provided-emailed 1st thing CPD morning or the Sunday night before)

Resource Hub on Sharepoint-- All QUARTER 3 Assessments have been loaded to Sharepoint, take some time to print and get familiar with them at your own leisure!