Ancient India

By: Dakotah Turner

Why did the Indians settle here?

The Indians settled there because the mountains surrounding India had snow and ice that melted into the rivers and became a good water source. When it rains or have very strong winds the farmers celebrate because it helps there crops grow better. The Himalaya Mountains separate India from the rest of Asia-provides protection.

Where is India located?

India is located in the South central of Asia.

What geographical features are present?

Some geographical features are the Himalaya Mountains, Indus River, Ganges, Bay of Bengal, Tapti River, Western Ghats.

How did humans impact the land?

Humans impacted the land by using the river as a water source and for food. They used there lands for growing crops and making mud brick houses with flat roofs. They would use wood for making fires for then to cook on or for them to warm up. They also would make clothing out of the stuff they found.

What natural resources are present?

Natural resources that are in India are iron, chromite, minerals, copper, gold, silver, zinc, lead, rivers, and land are all types of natural resources that the Indians use to help them survive or with what they are doing. They used natural resources in every aspect of there life. Anything the Indians would find they would try to use it in some way.